Which Niche Works Better?

by nahid7
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I wanna make a niche website for affiliate marketing. I am confused to choose the niche
Can you please tell me which niche can perform better?
Thanks in advance.
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    Originally Posted by nahid7 View Post

    I wanna make a niche website for affiliate marketing. I am confused to choose the niche
    Can you please tell me which niche can perform better?
    Thanks in advance.

    The answer is, whatever niche you can generate buyer traffic.

    What anyone else does is irrelevant.
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    It looks like you've already started a couple sites. Are those not working?

    A lot of times people start looking for a new niche because the one they are working in isn't profitable. The answer may be to change niches but in many cases the answer is to learn how to market, how to drive traffic, how to write persuasively, how to use email effectively, etc.

    Maybe that's not your situation. If it isn't, I'd suggest searching through the hundreds or perhaps thousands of posts on the forum addressing this exact question. Make a decision and get started. Then, when or if you run into issues come back and ask for advice.

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    You should choose a niche that you can relate to and that you understand best. Because that will be the easiest to sell to. The most convincing sales person is one who understand their niche and also genuinely believes in what they are selling and would use it. There is no point asking what has worked for others because they probably have more vested interest in what they are selling than what you would have. Choose a product and niche that you have actually interest in because it will make selling a lot easier and you have a much higher chance of converting and coming up with better marketing strategies.
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    8 good categories:

    1) Health / Diet / Weightloss
    2) Money / Make Money Online / Investing
    3) Love / Dating
    4) Self-Improvement / Psychology / Motivation
    5) Travel
    6) Gaming and Gambling
    7) Sex / Adult topics
    8) Esoterism

    A) You must choose a sub-category, a sub-niche.

    For instance, don't go for Esoterism alone but for Tibetan Astrology or Greek Numerology.

    Don't go for Dating but for Dating for Chistians, Dating for gay men over 50, Dating for Asians in USA, etc.

    Don't go for weightloss but for weightloss for women after childbirth or for weightloss for men over 50, etc.

    B) Choose a sub-niche that interests you and in which you already have some knowledge. Do not make the common mistake of choosing a topic that does not interest you but where you think there is a lot of money to make.
    Each of the categories I just mentioned can earn you a lot of money. Each is good. The best one is the one where YOU are the best.

    But none will make you a millionaire quickly and without work.

    Good luck!
    I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. Thomas Jefferson
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    Choose a niche that you have an interest in. Weight loss for women as an example. Like Sven300 suggested. Find out what those women are looking for. What is their problem with weight loss? Belly fat, big hips, tone their butt ect.. They have a problem. You offer the answer to their problem. Dig down deep in your research. Go on some forums and see what they are talking about. You can do that with whatever niche you pick.
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    Look for an “Evergreen” Niche VS seasonal. You can do this by check google trends if interest in the niche is increasing steadily over time. Then use google keyword planner to see if people are searching for products/solutions on this niche. Look for those with at least a 1000 search results.
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    4 categories...

    Health, wealth, love, irrational passions. Find one topic, niche down two, get a unique angle, get your feet wet.
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    A strategy to find your niche is to start with choosing a target market (people like yourself, or moms, or new graduates and etc). Identify a pain point or problem of your target market. Select the most profitable pain/problem (or what people would pay for ). Use google keyword planner to find the volume of monthly searches on relevant products for this niche.
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    choose a niche that has a lot of competition..

    you are not looking to conquer the niche but rather take a slice of the pie.

    some categories to choose a niche from:



    weight loss

    best of luck
    -Ike Paz
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    dating , travel , make money , casino
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    The best tool is a perfect content. For what niche you can do the best?
    As it was written before always will be popular - How to make money, Relationships, Tourism.
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    I can suggest you to choose the Fashion or Technology!
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    Almost any niche is good.

    As long as there are loads of products/offers available in that niche, then it means there's money to be made.

    Keeping in mind that popular niches will have more competition, the rest is just about generating traffic and finding out what converts best for you.
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    Hi Nahid,

    Any niche you feel passionate about works JUST fine.

    Follow your fun! This energy brings you profits in the near and long terms, because you will connect with like-minded people/customers who help build their business.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Choose a narrow niche of a major niche, like make money online as a major niche and you choose make money with adsense (as an example).
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    The dating niche is evergreen and has the potential to make you money consistently. The last thing you want is to spend time and effort on building an affiliate website on a niche with no profitable products to promote.

    And hone in on a specific audience: Dating for men or dating for single men or dating for women etc.

    For example, my product in the dating niche targets men who are not confident and who need help approaching women. Thats a high demand sub-niche with highly targeted audience

    By targeting a sub-niche with a strong market, you're making it relevant to fewer people but you stand a chance of greater success.

    It is also much easier to target as opposed to a general and more broader dating niche that the big dating giants occupy.

    Hope that helps.
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    Hey there!

    There are so many niches!

    Like Yukon said you need buyers traffic!

    Most businesses will fail because they can't get buyer traffic!

    My advice start with one niche focus hard and when you have a system

    build into other niches!
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    There are some niches which works good, like dating, get ex back, etc.

    all just said.


    you have to choose a niche which in some way reflects something related to your personal life or view, cause you have to write emails and content more personal as possible.

    And niches also where there's an audience of buyers.
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    Originally Posted by nahid7 View Post

    I wanna make a niche website for affiliate marketing. I am confused to choose the niche
    Can you please tell me which niche can perform better?
    Thanks in advance.
    Which niche do you work the best in?

    That's the answer.
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    You have to choose the niche that best work for you. For example: Internet Marketing or Finance Niche converts well for me. It is not only the niche, if you are passionate about any topic, you can succeed in a mid term. You need to be consistent and never Give Up, always adding value with great content and be creative getting traffic, my fav traffic source are social media because you can make your content viral and this help to your branding.
    Hope this help.
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    The best niches are: sex, love, relations, making money IMHO.
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    is self improvement overcrowded? How to compete with Tony Robbins on that?
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    I read many answers to this question and did't expect anything appropriate, but your answers are really good guys, thumb up ;-)
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    Travel affiliate is a profitable niche that can help you to generate big amount of income with various methods.
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    Market research is very important , check google to see if there are any blogs or forums in your niche, and when you do a google search are their ads on the side, are there any facebook groups, thats a few ways to check to see if a niche is profitable or not. hope this helps
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    Gambling is a profitable niche.
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    For me, taking a closer research in a niche is not too difficult but make sure you are interested in it, if not, you will soon quit due to lack of energy to continue.

    The second factor is thinking of the ways of driving traffic even before jumping in. If you are using youtube as a main traffic source, there are only a few niches that are suitable, read the tos carefully on the social networks to make sure the content is approciating or your content will be removed, then all effort is gone ;(

    If you choose SEO with a niche website, it should be more competitive today and it costs much time, money for content and ranking.
    Finally, I recommend that you should have a plan including the monatizing opportunities, how to market your website/youtube channel/ fanpage,... for the potential niche you have much interest in.

    Good luck with your journey, dont forget to share your success in the future
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