Amazon affiliate using WooZone vs standard affiliate site

by costic
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Hi guys,

I have been trying to find some useful information about amazon affiliate to start my own affiliate site. I have now purchased and set up WooZone as it helps to import products with all products information easily and creates on-site checkout etc which I thought is really good.

However, what I am not sure is if a WooZone created shop performs better than a standard affiliate shop. What I mean by standard affiliate shop - is a site where you have "Buy now" button on the product page which takes you straight to Amazon, rather then adding to your basket.

So I would like to hear your thoughts on the following:
1) Does on-site checkout from WooZone works better in terms of amazon conversions than a standard affiliate site? (I guess one of the main benefits is that 90-day cookie as this is what they advertise, but is it really working?)

2) When you have a WooZone shop, would you display a shipping information and how would you create trust for your visitors, so they are not scared to do a checkout? As my concern is that people may think this is not secure/legit site, why would I buy from here, especially when there aren't any shipping/return details.

3) Would you tell your visitors that this is amazon affiliate site? E.g. in about us page, so again to make it more secure, so they are aware it goes through amazon not your shop? (Kind of part of the previous question about shopping trust)

I have been reading some threads and blogs, and you will probably say that affiliate shop doesn't work as good as reviews site or blogs, but there are some shop sites that are making money too, so I would like to give it a go first.

Any other thoughts on WooZone welcome. Would be really helpful to hear from a WooZone users and their experience.

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    i'd stick with a review site if you're doing amazon aff.

    its more laser focused on the product that you're talking about..

    if they want to browse then they'll go to amazon direct..

    your job is to sway them with your review or comparison (product A vs product B).

    true, i have my own eCommerce site but that's because i have my own products.

    best of luck,
    Ike Paz
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    I agree with Ike.

    Review sites should convert a lot higher than stores. I haven't tested it though.


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    Thanks for your thoughts guys.

    Basically, I have created a shop where I have categorised certain products (just the best ones in their category) and made it much more accessible than on amazon site. Also, the idea is to explain them in a better way as well, so its actually easier to shop on my site than on amazon and users are saving time. But that is just a test, thats why it is interesting for me to hear from someone who has actually used WooZone before.
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    The disadvantage of a "store" site made with these plugins and scripts is that most people just install them and fill them with products.

    What you're essentially doing is just replicating Amazon and I've heard of affiliates being dropped from the Amazon affiliate program for doing so.

    You should be adding a blog or pages of other content in addition to the "store". In other words, build a website around your desired niche first for the products you want to promote. Then link to the "store" from your site's menu. Your site content can be how-to's, reviews, etc. that also link to specific product pages. And, your store pages should be rewritten with new or additional unique content.

    One advantage though is the shopping cart feature which gives you the 90 day cookie.

    And, yes, you are REQUIRED by Amazon to display on your site that you are an affiliate.
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    Hi Costic. I too am using Woocommerce. Would you friend me somehow and we can update eachother on the progress? I'm just as new as you to the product but two brains are better than one? Let me know

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