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I thought maybe you could share your REAL experience with blogging here.

What I mean is that you get strategies and tactics from a lot of internet marketers but no one really explains from direct experience what kind of results you'll get from the start of a blog to a few months in on a blog, to years in on a blog... on average.

And this is why I think so many people give up on internet marketing strategies quickly in general. No one really tells you what to expect from experience.

I've slammed blogging before and I still think it's a longterm way to make serious money. I know some blogs get popular fast and almost by luck everyone and their mom links to them, but I have the feeling most bloggers have to go out and get the links, jumpstart the social traffic, and work social media with nothing more than their muscle.

BUT I've been growing a new blog for about 5 months now and it's bringing in some business consistently... and I believe it's just going to grow exponentially. I bet it's like that with any blogger who sticks with the strategies consistently and does everything you need to do day-to-day for traffic and to grow a reader base.

I know what my personal results have been and know what to expect to a certain point... 5 months in after using serious blogging strategies daily. What about your experience? What's it like the 1st month for a new blog? The 2nd? The 3rd? How about after a year of serious blogging?

Maybe if people know what to expect on average, they wont give up on IM strategies in general so quickly.

My experience with a few blogs throughout the years, my latest being my first one where I really gave it my all... has been like this:

1st Month
Little to no search engine traffic, but indexed quickly.
A few list subscribers.

2nd Month
Little search engine traffic.
A few natural links coming in from those I didn't create myself.
A few list subscribers.

3rd Month
A small rise in RSS subscriptions.
Small increase in Twitter followers from blog.
A little SE traffic.
About 5 list subscribers per day.

...By the way, as I mentioned, I don't believe blogging is a short term money maker at all, but something you work on for longterm consistent traffic and leads and authority building.

4th Month
About the same as the 3rd but with a little more longtail traffic.
About 10 list subscribers per day.

5th Month
Increase in social traffic.
More natural linking to the blog by other bloggers than before.
More longtail traffic.
No domination of high traffic keywords yet, but have worked my way to the 2nd page of Google for a term I've been after since day 1.
About 20-25 list subscribers per day.
190000 alexa ranking
Averaging around 225 hits per day.

Now, this is from web 2.0 linkbuilding, having a site writer pump out 2 pages of content per day starting Month #4, and doing a couple blog post swap JVs...

20-25 list subscribers per day doesn't sound like much, but it's consistent and it's growing on average every month. The goal is 1000 hits per day and 100 list subscribers per day. By the rate of growth, that could happen possibly by January or so... that's 3,000 extra subscribers per month. That's why I think for the average person, blogging is a longterm strategy, unlike other strategies where you can get 100-400+ subscribers on average every day.

Anyway... I thought some of you might think the case study was interesting and I'm hoping maybe you can share what your blogging experience has been like using strategies that are proven to work. Maybe we can give hope to those who are getting ready to throw in the towel because they're not seeing fast growth. My gut tells me this similar rate of growth is pretty average for blogs and the first months really aren't very profitable. HOWEVER, there's longterm consistent traffic and lead generation that can come out of it.

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