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Hey guys, my friend just sent me an article he wrote that is amazing, edgy on relevant topic and has a fantastic chance of going viral given the content and time of year. I want to know what his options are for sending it somewhere/posting it online to share the message and monetise?
If you sell it to one of the online journals, will they pay a 1 time fee, which is usually peanuts and that's the end of it? Can you submit it to one of the online magazines for the share of ad revenue? Or should he just get a domain, throw it in a simple blog and promote it on Facebook or something? Any ideas and info would be so greatly appreciated!
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    Really, what you're asking is, "how do you do Internet marketing?"

    That is an appropriate question here, but it is so broad, and the answers are so many that it would take forever to explain all the possibilities.

    To give you the mile high overview, I would say that you should first determine who is the relevant audience? Who are the people that will be interested in the subject of the article? Find out where these people can be found online.

    Is there a niche that caters to them? Do they populate social media sites? Art there authority sites in the niche? The idea is to get the article in front of the right audience rather than just trying to post it somewhere.

    When the article is posted online . . . then is the time to drive traffic to it and that is another huge topic as there are thousands of ways to get and direct traffic to a particular place.


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    You can easily turn one article into multiple forms of marketing. A good example is converting your article into a video for submission, making a slide show for doc sites or converting to a PDF for submission.

    It's always smart to take one piece of content and use it towards your marketing benefit

    ....and always make sure to have a good call to action at end of article

    Hope this helps
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    One article is a creative "incident." If your friend can make it possible for quality articles to keep coming, I can say, there's a promising freelance writing career waiting for him, until he decides, how to monetize his skills the best way.

    With one article you can't change the world, but with a series you can do some serious "damage" in marketing. With the proper strategy, of course. For the record, I am addressing only the writing related side of this story.
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    It seems it is just a 1 time thing you are only interested in going viral, i am not sure what the article is about, but you could do a Press Release and in the press release you put a website link if you have one to an offer related to the topic the article is about. Here is a list of the top PR Websites CLICK HERE, Please note the paid ones usually get your articles more viral because they belong to a larger network than the free ones.
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    id release your content to to get others to share it

    id out link to ppl in my niche and ask them to promote it.

    id feed reporters quotes/content to get backlinks to my sites (general attention getting tip) via and/or

    -Ike Paz
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