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Hey all

Does anybody use Paypal Buy Now Buttons to sell products?

They are real easy to setup and are free too however not sure how well they do compared to selling products through CB etc.

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    I'm just talking about the general checkout process to be honest.
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    Since clickbank has paypal option, you get the best of both worlds... but for quick and dirty, use a paypal button
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    Clickbank sales link are actually really easy to set up too.

    For the checkout process, if your customers are expecting to pay via Credit Card, often Clickbank can be a little less confusing to get your customer from purchasing through to your download page (Paypal tries to get your credit card customers to open a Paypal account rather than return to your download page).

    Of course all these issues can be fixed with a decent download management system

    DLGuard - Download page protector, create expiring download links
    *cough cough*

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    If you are using the default Paypal payment pages, the conversions are going to suck compared to what they could be. Paypal by default just puts up your Paypal email address or business name in the header of the payment page. If you're selling a product, there's a good chance that the customer has never seen or heard of your email address or business name before, and will therefore haul ass to get away from the Paypal page because they think they're getting scammed.

    Clickbank payment pages are the same way, but you can actually load a product image in Clickbank which helps to tie the customer into your product branding. Also, you normally mention Clickbank on your sales page right by the buy button so the customer expects to see the Clickbank logo a little more, and there is no mention on the Clickbank page of who the sale is going to except for Clickbank, so that doesn't generally throw the customer for a loop as much as the Paypal pages do.

    Paypal is certainly easier to use and can be used effectively and cheaply for tons of products. Fortunately, there is a quick and easy way to get around the crappy default look of the Paypal payment pages that can give you a huge boost in conversions with Paypal.

    You can define your own custom page styles with Paypal or pass along some extra information in your buttons to show a custom header image that relates directly to your product. The custom header will then replace the default email or business name that is shown at the top of the page, and it gives the customer a lot more confidence that their money is going to the right place.

    I've come up with a system that allows you to do this with $7 Secrets easily and will even work with RAP and really any other system that uses Paypal non-encrypted buttons for sales.

    I've put together a report on how to do it that's in the private forum now, and am finishing up a few video tutorials on how to do it now, and should have a WSO up sometime this week if you're interested.

    Bottom line, if you have a lot of products to sell, Paypal is great as long as your customize your page style. If you need money right away, Paypal is great as long as you customize your page style. If you want a good affiliate system and need some help getting affiliates to promote your product, then go with Clickbank.

    Hope that helps.
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