There's been a murder . . .

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Officer, help - there's been a murder.

OK sir, let's have some details.
Where has this taken place ?

I don't know.

Who's been murdered ?

I don't know.

How did the murder take place ?

I don't know.

I see ... so how do you know a murder has been committed ?

Well I've just seen a man running very fast across the street so
I suspect he's done a murder.

No sir, that's not entirely logical.
It's quite possible that if someone does a murder he might
run away very fast but the converse is not true. A fast running man
does not indicate a murder has taken place. Is that clear ?

Well I'll need to think very carefully about that.
But there's another problem.

What is that ?

I'm reporting a serious case of fraud.

Oh - and who is committing the fraud ?

A company on the Internet handling my sales.

Ok and I presume you have absolute proof of this ?

Yes my sales are down.

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