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Hey all,

I am currently using Mailchimp to have clients signup for notifications of free ebooks from me. Are there any ways to collect email address that you could suggest that work better or just have a nicer appearance? My budget is low right now, hence using mailchimp.

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    This is an easy one....

    Just include a link within your ebooks to a squeeze page that offers something free related to your book.

    For example.... "Click Here to receive the missing Chapter" Lead them to a squeeze page to collect their email address and send them the missing chapter.

    I like using "Landing Page Monkey" for this! It's cheap, has a lot of options, easy to use, and they host the squeeze page for you!

    Hope this helps,
    Gary Pettit
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    Interesting that I stumbled across this now. I am in a country that is not allowed to sell audio books through amazon, I just finished attending a webinar where the author chose to offer an MP3 recording of the book for free to collect email sign ups. I thought it seemed like a great idea and he had had decent success with it. Built his list to about 7000 I believe.

    Hope this helps, Joy
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    Exchanging the audio version of the kindle book has worked well for me, you can even create a buyers list if you ask them in the book after they bought it.

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    Hey Emeka,

    Lots of good advice here and I am going to deep a little further on getting prospects to sign up via your CTA on the ebook.

    My two cents: offers something that complements your ebook.

    This is called a content upgrade.

    For example: let's say your ebook is about developing habits to be more productive.

    You can offer:
    - a checklist for creating new habits (or destroying bad ones)
    - a calendar to track how many times per day/week/month people practise the new habits
    - a short report summarizing your longer book with bullet points of the most important rules
    - an infographic that summarizes your book or a particular chapter
    - a 15 day email newsletter course designed to help people develop new habits step-by-step

    This is just on top of my head.

    By offering something closely related to the main offer - the book itself - but offering more value by expanding on the topic, people are generally more likely to sign up.

    This beats the bland "join my newsletter" every time.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone, another thing that I am wondering is what program or software is everyone using? Are there better free ones then what Mailchimp offers, or is that my best bet until I can afford a better program?
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