Which course is best to launch digital product?

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I have been reading lots of reviews of different course that help teach you how to launch an online digital product. There are so many out there from Nathalie Lussier, Derek Halpern to Jeff Walker but all seem quite old as the internet changes at such a fast pace I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good course. Please can you give me some honest feedback of what you think are good ones not just promotions.

Many Thanks

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    Maybe you can partner with someone who has done a good launch.
    I've bought plenty of WSOs and learned bits and pieces from each. I think you can too.
    I buy cheap ones and then use what I can.
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    Well, it depends on what type of course you want to launch. Since you're quoting names like " Nathalie Lussier, Derek Halpern, Jeff Walker" I can only assume you want to launch a big video based information course. In which case everything you'll find on doing a product launch that doesn't involve webinars will be derivative of Jeff Walker's Product launch Formula to some degree. So, I say start with the original. Jeff Walker is solid.
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    tbh, i feel this method of info publishing is becoming outdated. there are new ways to get paid for your content that don't even involve selling.
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    I just recently sat through a webinar for Mark Ling's new product "Learn Build Earn" which is probably what you are looking for, but it is expensive. Although if you are familiar with Mark he is really good at what he does. you can get a feel for him at his site affilorama.com

    Also here is the (Non Affiliate) link to the product I mentioned http://www.learnbuildearn.com

    You can sign up for a free webinar at the site


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    What market are you in?

    Are you going to be putting it on Clickbank or do it using Nanacast or another system?

    When you say digital product, is it going to be a webinar/teleseminar series, ebook, audio product, video product?

    There are too many variables.

    Do you have authority in the market that you are trying to reach?

    Do you have connections in that market who can be JV partners and promote your product?

    Do you plan on starting with paid advertising?

    When you have an idea on exactly what you want to do, you can then figure our what methodology to use.

    At least Jeff Walker's style - PLF has evolved with the market, Derek and Nathalie have also been keeping up with the market.

    I would read DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson on the various ways you can launch the front end of your business.

    The 6 Figure Funnel Formula by Todd Brown is also a very good starting point, but much more expensive.

    If you have the connections and can do a good JV launch, read Jeff Walker's Launch Book and implement that.

    If all of this is too much, create a digital course and put it up on Udemy to gain credibility and exposure and then use that to promote a higher level program.
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    Product Launch Formula .- Jeff Walker

    Also the membership sites of Ryan Diess (Digital Marketing) and Eben Pagan (Start Up Club) offer a section of Product Launches.
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    If you're looking for the method or process how to launch products online, you can search GG with the term "Growth Hacking", this type of marketing will help you much about launching your product and getting as much lead as possible at the first time.

    Good luck to you,
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