What Internet Marketing Techniques are Best For Startup Businesses?

by Dharmi
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Obviously there are many ways to promote a business but what are the best ways now a days to achieve success through Internet Marketing for a Startup Business.
As the success rate for a startup business is minimal. There has to be a full proof way to promote a startup.
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    Social media is always a great way to test out live reactions of products/landing pages/websites as it is filled with many different niche groups and it is also completely free which always helps !
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    Here is the thing, it seems here you are limiting yourself from saying the success rate is minimal and looking for a perfect way that have full proof on how to get started.

    First,I suggest to focus on the positive side, which there is success and you will do so. With that been said, there countless of ways startups succeed, the best way in my opinion, is to find those who succeed and try to model them. Of course you will have to adjust and break through the challenges that you will face just never think of losing.

    As for asking for advices, do not be stupid and ignorant. Go out there study, read do whatever, and only ask those who are successful in the same field you are in or know what they are doing.
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  • Dharmi,

    Originally Posted by Dharmi View Post

    what are the best ways now a days to achieve success through Internet Marketing for a Startup Business. There has to be a full proof way to promote a startup.
    That's a really tall order. What works for others might not work for you; and

    We don't know what you can and want to do. We don't know who you want to serve. We don't know what you want to sell ...


    What you'd most likely get here are generic answers and advice, i.e. Guest posting, content marketing, social media, PPC / PPV / PPM, email marketing, etc.; and

    I think you'd probably be better off finding your top competitors and spying on them to know what they're doing -- You can use tools like SimilarWeb.Com and SpyFu.Com to identify the traffic generation methods that are working well for the sites and Web properties of your top competitors; to know what they're doing to get significant direct traffic; to know how their direct traffic opt-in offers and sales or subscription funnels are crafted; to know which third party sites and Web properties are driving significant referral traffic to them; to know what they're doing in those referring sites; to know which social networks are driving significant social traffic to them; to know what they're doing in those social networks; to know which keywords they're using to drive significant organic search traffic to their sites; to know if it's feasible for you to compete against them in terms of organic search traffic; to know which keywords they're using to drive significant paid search & display traffic to them; to know how their ads are crafted; to know if it's feasible for you to bid against them for those paid keywords for your paid search & display campaigns; and to know if there are advertising, content sharing, content placement and partnership opportunities for you in those referring sites, social networks and advertising platforms ...
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    • Founder: Grayscale (Manila, PH) & SEO Campaign Manager: Kiteworks, Inc. (SF, US)
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    Originally Posted by Dharmi View Post

    There has to be a full proof way to promote a startup.

    Actually, no there isn't.

    Any marketing technique can produce zero results. The Internet is a crowded space and it takes time to build an online presence for nearly all new businesses.

    The first thing I would do, once your site is up and ready to sell, is a press release announcement (paid and at a reputable distributor) about the benefits of dealing with your business. Focus on the ways you are different/better from other competitors in your space.

    Also, figure out ways to let prospects try your product/service for free so they can see your quality, experience your customer service, and begin to recognize your brand. Begin a subscriber mailing list.

    Good luck to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Build virality into the product or build a highly useful product that users will recommend (for example, Dropbox and Canva). Target early adopters before you mass market. Stand out. Do something beyond the norm.
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    Online selling makes a great alternative to the expensive traditional advertising methods. Online selling is a cost effective choice that even businesses with the smallest selling capital can use. Thanks to our digital world, a startup can build their presence online at a minimal cost.
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    1. Create foundation (website, social media, youtube channel, etc.)
    2. Create high quality content / lead magnets, share to all foundations
    3. Send traffic to website & lead magnets (seo, paid ads, free promotions)
    4. Track & optimize conversions
    5. Chill (*.*)
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    To me a proven marketing technique for start ups (and not) is to connect with people. The internet is just like the real world. Sometimes we forget it..
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    A startup business needs to be clear about their positioning and on how they will stand out from their many competitors. I also think guerilla marketing would be a great way to help start-ups get attention. Guerilla marketing gives customers (amplifiers such as bloggers) 'memorable experiences' with the brand which can start word-of-mouth (for example, https://vimeo.com/126591064).
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    Originally Posted by Dharmi View Post

    Obviously there are many ways to promote a business but what are the best ways now a days to achieve success through Internet Marketing for a Startup Business.
    As the success rate for a startup business is minimal. There has to be a full proof way to promote a startup.

    Before you looking at the best way to promote your online business, you should identify your strengths and weaknesses. Then choose a way that fits you best.

    Each of way has pros and cons, it may the best way with this one but may not with another. Here are some main ways:

    Social Media
    Blogging and SEO

    Ya, you can think out of the box and figure out the best way for you. But depending on the main ways is better. The key is the way you do, not the way you go.

    - Anhvu
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    Well what is your business about?

    What is the product / service?

    Who are the users?

    What is your unique value proposition, why should people become users or customerse of your company?

    If you answer those questions it will be so much easier to help you

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    As Robert said doing nearly everything within the landscape of Internet marketing night help...but even with that there is no fool proof way to go about with a Startup.

    Nothing in life is fool proof , really !

    - Robert Andrew
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    1) Start to hang out where you most likely customers are.

    2) See if you can post ads there, and get traffic to a squeeze page.

    3) Connect with people everyday. These days with social media so rampant and very good, you can connect to just 8 people a day. And build a relationship with them.

    at the end of the year 365 days...you will have 2920 people who know, like and trust you. I do very well on FB by just not posting ads, just connecting with people. Now people hunt me down, instead of me hunting them down. If you can do this, you will already win this game.

    The info I just gave helped me bring in over $8000 last month, doing no spam, just reaching out and helping people that need help. Nothing more nothing less.

    Frank kern once said the more you reach out and help people, the more you will never have to worry about money again. There, I said it.
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    There is lot's of the technique for startup business!
    Before starting the business , make the best strategy for your business.
    I am sharing some Internet marketing technique for a startup business.

    - Focus on Your Target Customer related to your LOB
    - Build Strategic Partnerships
    - Incentivize People to Share
    - Social Media
    - Paid Media Marketing
    - Reddit Advertising
    - Google Remarketing
    - Affiliate marketing
    - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    - Email Marketing
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    Create a funnels system with upsales and downsales or promote other product as an affiliate that has demand and system in place such as multiple income streams funnels.
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    If I were you, I would try to get funding from the very beginning, by simply creating a kickstarter campaign or something similar. If this is not a solution for you, you may want to use social media to advertise your business. Consider publishing a MyStory on Snapchat, upload a photo on Instagram, share a post on Facebook with your friends and family etc.

    I have seen multiple websites/apps that focuses on helping startups with social media advertising, if they lack followers/impressions - or to simply help them grow. Here's a couple of websites/apps that I would check out if I were you:


    And also: Create a Facebook Business page, this can help you reach out to a significant amount of people.
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    95% of my business is generated via PPC Ads (Adwords and Bing), and only 5% via local networking.
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    and a Market Funnel

    Yes, the old school still works. Once you have a database of emails of potential customers, called prospects.... you have an ASSET.

    And you can monetize your startup, promote it, unleash the inner potential through developing the engagement.
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    Every case is different and there isn't much info in your post to go on. But based on an assumption that your startup is an online app with either a subscription or marketplace revenue model, you could think along the lines of the following:

    1. make sure you've built viral growth into your app. ie: your members can invite their friends and collaborate within your app. balsamiq online version lets you invite friends to collaborate on mockups. spotify lets you invite friends to share your playlists. you get the idea. if each member invites 1 other user each month, you'll double your members and sales every month. over a year that's 4096 members from just your first one. so if you spend $10 to get each user, you get over 4000 users as a knock on effect if you have a good internal viral growth design.

    2. create a compelling landing page and split test it to get those conversion stats up.

    3. get some solo ads to send over a few thousand users, improve your statistics.

    4. get it into producthunt and a few other locations.

    5. use scrapebox to search forums for your competitors, and comment on those to send traffic to your landing page instead of theirs.

    6. Do a WSO deal to get your 2nd round of beta customers and reviews/testimonials.

    7. look at leveraging a few affiliates as part of a bigger product launch once you've got traction and statistics. this is only worth it if it works out cheaper than solo ads, or gets you a much bigger impact and more well known.

    8. then resort to the conventional and other devious methods of traffic growth.
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