Where can I look for sites owners?

by Nadya5
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Hello, dear friends.
I would like to ask you an advice. Where can I look for direct site owners?
I mean, someone who runs a really good site with good human traffic.

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    I would go to Manta.com in the niche you want and check websites.
    Then go see how many hits they get daily according to alexa.com. Then when you have found what you like go to whois.icann dot org to see who runs the website.

    Hope that helps.
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    One way is to follow the other competitors who has created backlinks in these sites. Use Create a free account, check competitor site's backlink structure. Then you'll be able to find quality sites. Then either check the sites contact details and directly contact them using contact details provided. If not provided check their social media profiles and whois information.

    All the best!
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    I suggest to check any site you like and check traffic on similarweb.com and try to find the site owner, which will be easy if your are targeting a famous blogger.
    If you are looking for an easy way to find the owners of big sites or respos, I highly recommend to get familiar with Linkedin. You can find any targeted lead there and use similarweb.com to check the amount of traffic of the site.
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    Go to whois.sc and enter the domain name that you are trying to research.
    This will provide you contact details of the domain registrant and you can then use this data to perform a reverse whois lookup on Google to find other domains of that person.
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    Try looking here: godaddy.com/domains/whois .. You will find real owner name, email address and phone number most of the time.. Most easiest way i know..
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    You must be looking for sites on which you can place your advertising?

    One way to do that is to
    1. Google keywords in the niche you're targeting
    2. Note the sites coming up in the top two pages of SERPs
    3. Use Similarweb.com to find out where they're advertising
    4. Go directly to the site for contact information or use the WhoIs lookup
    5. At the site you should be able to see if they sell ad space. Of course, you can always inquire even if you don't see others advertising on the site
    The very best to you,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Yes, i am looking to buy cpm banner traffic on direct websites. that`s why i am looking for direct sites owners... but first of all i am looking for direct sites with really good human traffic. Where it would be possible to put banners on.
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    i suggest you should use similarweb.com. it is a great tool to get basic info of most of websites
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