How make money off a 15K Facebook fanpage ? thoughts?

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Hi guys I have a facebook page about a big soccer team in Italy (Internazionale Milano) the page has more than 15k fans, the average views on the posts of my fanpage is 500 to 1k, I was thinking about making a website so I can get visitors from the facebook page to the website, How can I make money off that?

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    You have the right idea of wanting to direct all that Facebook traffic to a website. It might require some creativity on how exactly to make money off that.

    I would stay away from selling any products with a team logo, because professional sports teams have licensing for their brand/logos.

    You could make a blog centered around the team, players, potential trades, schedules and things of that nature. Maybe find what the fans are most interested in during that process to keep readers coming back.

    Then from there you could get into affiliate marketing - sell products that are related to soccer but don't have any team branding on them
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    Well you could easily build an email list by sending news and cool stuff about the team, since many of your fans and viewers would be fans of the club then maybe monetizing it by selling tickets could work. If you could sell tickets at all, that is, in some countries that's not allowed but there probably are some possibilities. Also, sports = gambling, bookmakers have a very lucrative affiliate programs in general but remember you'd be targeting people that don't have account on those sites yet.
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    Ads will be probably related to sports and therefore to gambling, you might as well try to get your visitors to sign up for a sportsbook yourself and earn more from one registered guy than from hundreds of ad clicks. The only positive about ads is that although low it would still convert a lot easier than gambling affiliate programs, but those are amazing for providing long-term income if your visitors would become long time gamblers.
    Unless you want to use both but I can't tell if that's a good idea. Maybe looking for CPA offers in sports niche would be a good idea.
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    Have you thought of making some t-shirt (ones that don't violate the trademark) ?

    Are most of your fans in Italy? If they are in the US vs Europe, that would make a substantial difference.
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