I stopped writing articles and am now making more money!

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Instead if just hammering out article after article i went back and started to promote the articles i knew converted well with backlinks and such. Got most of them on the front page of google for some very competitive keywords and the sales have doubled.
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    So there really is no need to put out hundreds of articles, just find out which has the highest ctr and backlink the hell out of it?
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    Good move. It really is important to max out the articles you already have out on the web already. Sometimes it just takes a few extra high PR backlinks to make all the difference.
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    Good idea! I have done the same thing with a few of my blog posts that are not getting a lot of traffic.I visit related blogs and leave good comments with the direct link to the blog post.Then I submit the blog post to social media sites.
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    This is the perfect article marketing strategy..

    Backlinks and promotion of current articles..

    Each article that I put out on the larger directories is promoted individually to gain maximum effect...



    Bare Murkage.........

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    Hey, stop giving away the 'secrets!' Criminy!
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    In my niche i had like 200 live articles and just got tired of saying the same freakin' thing 200 different ways!!!

    I am also targeting very competitive keywords that get alot of searches every month, it took some time to get front page rankings but it was worth it!
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    Building Google love to your articles is something you should never neglect Or leave out of your article submission/writing process. Good for you for diversifying and stepping out and growing a process that can become tedious at times.

    Congratulations on your success captivereef

    Clint S.

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    I have it when my links are ripped out of an article, or better yet people will nofollow my links. All that time I spend on DIGG is wasted. Also, I have found that getting back links to my web site via bloggers is a great way to increase exposure, buzz, traffic, and sales.
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    Yep it works truly like a charm
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      Another little tip with article marketing . . .

      It isn't only about what you do with your successful articles, but what you do with the ones that suck too that count.

      When an article I wrote fails to get good search ranking in Google, what I like to do is modify the title and body for a different long tail keyword. Then resubmit the article.

      You spent maybe an half hour or hour to write the thing. No way, you should be letting that article sit in the pile forever not getting good hits.

      Takes just a minute to resubmit the article for a new long tail and throw a link or two at it to get it re-indexed for your new long tail keyword.

      You want all your articles working for you.

      Works wonders, give it a try!

      Hope this helps,
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    Ssshhhhh, you are letting everyone know there has to be a plan to follow for marketing, just not post and post and post

    Great work!!!!
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    This is something you figure out along the way...

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    Very true nothing teeaches better then experience!!

    Like Hannibal used to say on the A-Team "I love it when a plan comes together"
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    I pity the fool who don't listen to captivereef!
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    Thank you captivereef!

    I will give it a try...
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    This is something I've considered but wasn't sure if it would be as effective. Thanks for putting the bug back in my head

    Please read the sig file rules

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    No its all lies it doesn't work don't do what CaptiveReef Says :p :rolleyes:
    Today isn't Yesterday, - Products are everywhere if your eyes are Tuned!
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    Congrats on focusing on what works and doing more of that, but it's better to keep writing and submitting new articles to find more of those that work.

    Another thing you can do is analyze the articles that are 'working' and write more articles that follow their structure.

    The problem with many people today is that while the shotgun approach used to get things done, advances in technology and tools has allowed most to move up to the Gatlin :-) You might hit something, but you're going to spray a lot of lead, use a lot of resources, and possibly hit a few innocent bystanders along the way.

    Snipers are the essential models for efficiency.

    - find out where your target is going to be.
    - get ahead of them
    - get the tool you need to reach the target from your position
    - take your best shot (you don't often get more than one :-)

    Okay, that turned a bit violent in retrospect, but hopefully the point is still valid.

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    Well from the 200 articles i submitted i was able to narrow it down to a article layout that worked well and a title angle that also worked.

    I then rewrote 10 articles using the layout and title style i know works and wrote them around very competitive keywords that get heavily searched every month. Then i just worked on promoting them.

    as far as my articles i post em all to a blog and article directories.

    I wrote a post about what i do on my blog, the link is in my sig!

    Problem with writing more articles is that i work full time and get most of my work done at lunch break at work and an hour or two a night, so for now i am pumping up my converting articles and hoping to earn more to outsource some articles!
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    Very good post I have a LOT of newbie questions for y'all.

    You have 200 articles submitted to one of the big article sites like Ezine. You then take the articles that get the most views/URL clickthrus and resubmit them to other article directories like Go Articles.com. You then create a blog and then submit those same popular articles to your blog as well. Is this a simple version of what backlinks are???

    Are you changing up the content all that much? Are you using some kind of article writing program to help speed up the process? Some of my articles at Ezine have been published and I found them on other peoples websites. Can you publish your own articles at Ezine and post them on your own blog? If other people can resubmit your exact same article from Ezine on their website doesn't that mean the duplicate content rule with Google is a myth? Sorry for all of the ???'s but y'all got my mind a racin!


    You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want....Zig Ziglar

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      Everybody is talking about building backlinks, but very rare I saw specified what type of backilinks they do.
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    other article directories,social bookmarking,blog comments,web 2.0 sites, profile links, forum signatures,etc
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    I'm not going to stop submitting articles, but I did step up the link love to my articles which were performing well.

    Also, the articles which are not performing as you'd like may just need some keyword replacements with a quick rewrite bandaid.

    Believe it or not, sometimes the bandaid works miracles on article boo-boos!

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    I do not even know how to back link still... and I write articles as well! can anyone explain that?!? thanks..
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    How are you guys tracking which articles convert, and which ones do not?

    Let's assume you have EZA articles, you backlink to your own website (wordpress), you use google analytics, etc. Say your conversion goal is a signup to your list, which is hosted by aweber.

    How do you know which article drove the signup? Is there a specific process to follow to measure conversion?
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    i can see on the click bank sales stats where the person is from, what time they bought and compare it to my statcounter stats. Crude but it works for me.
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    Thanks for this i am also sick of churning out articles and saying the same thing over and over. Can anyone tell me how you get those articles to the top of google besides endless social bookmarking?
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    Ok, enough of the articles CaptiveReef. I want to know about the Reef Aquarium.

    "Free Keyword Builder that has produced Millions of Dollars." http://www.keywordmoneymaker.com http://www.randybeckett.com

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    i sold them once my kids came. Still have a 26 bowfront and 32 corner tank though. My big one was a 325 gallon in wall, that one got sold!
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    "How I stopped writing articles and now make more money!"

    Maybe a little off topic but just thought that this was a great headline
    of the "one-legged golfer" style.

    Great article marketing tip as well!

    -Ray Edwards
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      Well that's great, congrats on the success
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    Good post, Captivereef. This is something I've been telling people; instead of writing hundreds of ho-hum articles in the hopes that one or two will "stick", spend that time writing a couple of decent articles and get them to Google's front page. Much better use of your time, IMO.
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    Great post captivereef. Are you backlinking to the articles at the directories as well as the money site? Do you have more backlinks going to the money site itself? It makes sense to optimize what's already created instead of making endless content.

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