What are your thoughts on Fiverr if ever you were a Seller?

by kuki15
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If your already a seller on fiverr, your thoughts are welcome as well. Anyway, I ask this question only because there's a lot of really bad crappy sellers on fiverr offering...well..not so good services. Now since Fiverr's recent updates/upgrades, you can now make even more $$$ and not just the normal $5. Which is awesome!

But the thing is, will those that were offering low quality gigs, for how ever long it maybe, change their mindset to being legit? Maybe not, who knows aye...lol.

Good news is, if you feel that you can provide a great gig on fiverr doing something that you legitimately love or have a passion in; knowing that you now can offer it at a higher price...would you do it? Would you wanna try it?

If so, what would offer?

I've seen gigs such as Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Animations and Voice-overs go from the silly $5 gigs to potentially making up to $1000+ per order...which is ridiculously Awesome! At a fraction of what it would normally cost elsewhere...I would most definitely provide those gigs. And...they are high in demand on fiverr so that's a huge bonus.

Obviously we all have our thoughts on fiverr or have, at least, purchased a gig there but as I said before, you can charge more for a gig.

Again, what are your thoughts on Fiverr if ever you were a Seller?
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    As a buyer, I have a good experience overall, and never get upset with seller's quality on fiverr.
    And as a seller, I would share with you that I often got bad buyers who wanted everything for just $5.
    Most buyers were hoping so much like they bought my soul to do more and more.
    My advice is if you plan to sell service there, don't ever offer an unlimited revision.
    Most buyers don't realize that they actually pay the seller for $4 only, as fiverr takes the $2 from the $6 cost per gig.
    Yes, fiverr is not so fiverr anymore, it's sixerr now.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    Fiverr is my bread and butter baby! Fiverr is a great place to buy and sell. I make a great living on Fiverr.com and it has contributed to my freer life style.
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    Good as a Buyer, I get a lot of work done from there.
    Bad as a seller. People literally want the best and of course improvements and revisions that too at $5.
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      Great! I can see where your coming from. I can say that even though I'm a seller on fiverr I am also a buyer. And as a buyer in my experience is...well...let's say it hasn't been so good, majority of the time. But cheers for sharing your experience.
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    Ups and Down happen on Fiverr, i have mix feeling for it sometime i get lots of work and sometime no work, its still mysterious to me how fiverr work, I am Level 2 Seller still cant find out what working there what not
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      I found that explainer videos or even whiteboard animations are quite profitable...massive profits. I've seen sellers (level 1 and 2) charge anywhere from $50+ for a 30 sec video...and people still buy as there is a demand for such gigs. It's even considered as high ticket gigs.

      So instead of getting 20 orders at $5 per order which makes it $100,
      you can invest the same amount of time with only 2 orders at $50 a pop. I think this is a way better road to take as animation gigs are high in demand.

      Oh, I'm a level 2 seller as well.

      VideoScribe does a great job if you like whiteboard animation.
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    Fiverr is a great platform to start to brand yourself. Are you going after the dollar or bringing value to the marketplace. We can't start as the best but we can work on getting there by surrounding yourself and studying from the successful!
    Working to achieve higher results...
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      Some may agree to both the dollar and bringing value to the marketplace...so I'm going with both. I have purchased some great fiverr products from real sellers who have and still work on fiverr, selling there stuff on WarriorPlus. So yes it is great to surround yourself with those who are successful.
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    As a seller I have awful experience.Let me explain.When you make new GIG no 1 will buy it because there are no reviews on it and they dont wan t to risk money.Top sellers get 90% of money and everyone else is fighting for rest.
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      There is a way and strategy around this problem...and you won't believe how simple it is. I have purchased some fiverr products from real fiverr sellers on warriorplus and it's amazing what you learn.

      Now my gigs were already doing great way before I bought those fiverr products and learnt the strategy (well...more of a tip really) but because I knew the strategy now, everything that came after, in terms of fiverr, was pretty awesome.

      So don't give up and keep striving.

      I would recommend purchasing a fiverr product from a real fiverr seller on warriorplus if you want the best for your gigs

      Or click here to check out my thread as I have based one of my best work and freebie around some of my gigs and a warriorplus fiverr product, that I purchased, which goes well with the freebie.
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