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Please don't laugh. I am new to IM world. I have read a lot these past couple months from article marketing to PPC. Needless to say, I am a little overloaded to say the least. And, it seems the more I read the more confusing it becomes. I just receive an email from someone promoting a Data Processing company. I am new to the WF and do not want to trash anyone. But I did want to ask if anyone can help me out with these types of program as far as a profit maker. And if someone can steer me in the right direction as to which of these are the best. Thanks.

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    Don't trust these type of program. They don't exist.


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      Didn't think so but just wanted to Warrior input.
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    I agree.

    If something seems like it's too easy, or too good to be true, it usually is!

    Have a read on the forum about peoples successes and model them, thats what i did when I started out. It helps you learn the ropes!

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    If you want to start off right, go to the link in my sig and sign up. Best free training available.
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    I never tried data entry. My thoughts are this though: Even if it was legit, they wouldn't be able to pay me enough for it to be worth my time. Bottom line is this: If you work IM the right way and treat it like a business, you can make a whole heck of a lot more money rather than trying something like data entry. But if it pays the bills for a while while you are getting your IM stuff going then I'd say go for it if the pay is good enough.
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    I hate that so many spammers out there are trying to take advantage of people. But like most of us have said, if it looks too good and smells too good, chances are its too good to be true.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    Originally Posted by quantikev View Post

    For every 1 real data entry job, there are at least 1000 applicants. These numbers have been used to the advantage of those that would.
    Most of the firms that provide data entry jobs are Scammers. They take registration charges and then run away with applicants money.
    Website Setup $250 only
    Full-Time VA Available. 13 years IM, SEO, WordPress, Customer Support experience.
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    These types of programs are not useful at all. I also got engaged in one of these but got nothing of it. So please be aware
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    Forget those data entry scams, I was thinking about doing them when they emailed me as a newbie, but it's a total waste of time. They probably want you to buy something first. Go and get a good WSO course that is newbie friendly and stick at it. Focus on one thing and you will get there.
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