Domain name help: brand vs keyword, .com vs .net

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I could use some help/suggestions as i cannot make up my mind.

I am starting a website which will buy ingame items for steam from users for real money (paypal, btc etc).

Development is taken care of, it is all documented and work will start in 2 weeks.

Where i run into "issues" and i am just not sure what to do is the domain name.

All visitors which i care about (read: potential customers) will be gamers, so i think it is safe to say most will be more tech savvy than average internet user.

I already grabbed "good" domain name with .net, but .com is taken and is up for sale for $2.5k (did not contact the seller to try to negotiate yet).

Domain name i got is a keyword one. Lets say if i was in cookie selling business domain name i got would be:

While: is taken and up for sale.

Issue for me is following:

Name is too generic. Lets say you go on some forum to find good website where you can sell your cookies for cash and you get reply like:

"hey man, you could try on:


- First problem my domain/future brand name is too generic. In example above it is clear that there is site called "sellcookies" because it is part of the list, but if mentioned in middle of the sentience it might not be as obvious? Maybe i am just giving it too much though?

- It will be .net while competition is .com (and in some cases they have .money .cash .io (see:,,

I will not rely on search results to be discovered. This will be done by ad marketing, sponsorship of youtube videos and twitch streams, word of mouth, and affiliates program. But still it will be needed to be displayed in first few places when user searches "sellcookies" while terms are too generic and many of already established competitions will probably have higher "page rank".
So being how i already need to invest a lot into marketing how much sense is there to try to grab .com? I could just spend that money in marketing and make sure to always have ".net" in there so it sticks to peoples heads.

Any suggestions are most welcome!

P.S. I am new here but so far from what i saw this place looks awesome
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