How to promote clickbank products on YouTube

by pabda
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Hello, How do I promote clickbank products on my YouTube channel.
1: can you put clink into your description
2: do you have to talk about the product on a video
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    1. Yes, you can
    2. No, I use video relevant product.

    also, I buy views youtube, backlinks to seo video on top Youtube
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    If I were you, I definitely would not put affiliate links in your video description. I have lost 2 older channels in the past 3 months and several marketers that I socialize with on Facebook and Skype have complained of losing YT accounts in the past few months. Many YT marketers are also recommending that you do not put ClickBank links in the video description area.

    Furthermore, if you are in the "make money online" niche, you should be careful about linking to squeeze pages that make promises of certain amounts of income.

    In my opinion, the best way to market on YouTube is to make REAL review videos of the product, then linking out to a page on your blog that has an even better, more detailed review on it. You should always include an opt-in form at the bottom of each review post.

    Your goal should be to build a list from your traffic anyway instead of using YT traffic to try and make one off affiliate commissions.

    And when I refer to a "real" review video, I mean actually owning the product so you know what you are talking about.

    Those videos on YT where some punter takes a screen cast of the sales page and basically just reads off the sales copy are a total turn off. They are basically fake reviews and they don't work at all. I do like coming across them once in a while so I can have a good laugh.

    Sorry if this sounds like a rant, but I'm just sick and tired of all the absolute hack work that's floating around when it comes to reviews in the MMO niche.

    It's no wonder why it has such a bad reputation.

    I'm sorry, but the whole "I'm a newbie so I can't afford to buy the products I promote" is no excuse. Furthermore, reviewing a product you don't own and basically know nothing about is so wrong.

    It's sad that when a new product gets launched in the MMO niche, all of the reviews are basically fake and created to make affiliate commissions. I know of only one marketer that I can honestly say actually owns EVERY product he reviews and actually goes through the product with a fine toothed comb before writing about it.

    I'm not saying the OP is going to do fake reviews, just offering my experience.

    People are not stupid. They can tell when a review video is BS.

    Do it right and acquire every product you plan to review, and link out to your blog. It will help build your brand and people will keep coming back and buying from you if they know your review videos are genuine.
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    in addition to the above also work well with annotations redirect to the product page

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