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I want to buy a banner on some websites/blogs, may I know typical costs, so I pay fairly... How much you pay? For example a header/top banner on a website that gets around 3000 visitors a month, what can I expect to pay?

I just need to have an idea on costs.

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    I would pay $5-10 for a banner on a site that gets 3,000 visits per month.

    Smaller sites like that simply aren't worth it. The money or your time.

    You may get a click or two but even then, its not scalable.

    In my opinion small time marketing stuff isn't worth it if you can't scale it up.

    You'll likely never see a 5-10x ROI on your first try so you have to work at things. And then when you DO get that great ROI - you can't scale at all.

    Better to focus on larger sites or Adwords etc.
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      daily visits divided by 10 is the "math" I found to know how much to spend. I'm learning form and these $10 ads do you have a purpose - they're not useless.

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        But why focus on something that can't scale at all?

        Sure there are a ton of small sites but each one will have different traffic.
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    It is really hard to say. It is all supply and demand. Some sites get tons of traffic and command a premium price. You might want to look into some banner ad networks and see what they charge. Take the lows and highs out and get an average


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    Your best option for comparing banner cost fees is to check BuySellAds.
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    Please note that typically only 1% of impressions on a banner ad will actually click through, you should not really pay more than $5 for a website that produces 3,000 visitor's a month.

    Try and advertise on the bigger sites with more traffic & negotiate the price you pay as low as possible
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    It all depends on your niche and how you negotiate a deal

    There are many blogs out there with high converting traffic in an off-niche

    These sites owners often content themselves with Adsense income

    As long as you can set up a sales page that converts at a predictable and sustainable rate, you would do better negotiating direct deals.
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    all right, it's nice to know something like '1% of impressions on a banner ad will actually click through'.

    ok thanks I found some other useful things off google
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    So if a website charges $30 for estimated 3,000 imp in 30 days.

    If ctr is 1% on average then I'd expect just 30 clicks in an entire month, each click costing $1.

    Am I doing the 'math' right?
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    3000 visitors don't mean anything, you need to ask to see proof of their bounce rate. If they have a bounce rate in the 90%, then they only have 300 visitors.

    I would try to talk to website owner into displaying your banners as an affiliate, if there site is a perfect match they should be able to generate more $$ as an affiliate then collecting a fee.
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    I prefer to use Direct Media Buys and research the sites I am looking to place a bid.

    If you can strike a deal with a website owner that you have researched, you can typically pay a fixed price on the placement and he/she will be happy to receive some revenue for selling an ad spot.
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    The best way to see the current market prices for banner ads is to visit networks that sell banner advertising. Sites such as Buy/Sell ads or even Adhitz.
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    What about Google Display network if I want to do banner advertising? I understand the banner will be displayed on other websites based on the keywords (or other target methods) I choose, what's your opinion on this?

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    Hard to say since CPM vary extremely. I know sites charging +40$ for 1,000 (!) impressions, on the other hand I know sites which charge 1$ or less.

    Depends on quality of the audience and their relevance, engagement, quality of the site and content etc.
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    It depends on the website and the traffic quality, it's better to sign up to buysellads where you'll find legit and verified websites
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    I thought Google Display Network you pay per click on your banner, not cpm... ok thank you I try to learn more.
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