Need a local Los Angeles California number.. VOIP or?

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I am looking for a LA number that I can use as a voicemail and possibly down the road use to forward to another number etc?

What are my options?

VOIP or?
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    I use Skype numbers for that sort of thing - you can pick an area code in the UK, so I assume you can in US as well. Cheap and cheerful.

    I've also used City Numbers - they're good as well.
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    I've been looking into Call Tracking - Phone Call Analytics for PPC, SEO, and Direct Marketing (no affiliation...yet) they allow you to forward, record, track and enable registered users/members to access the dashboard.
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    Have you looked at google voice? It's free and I think you can pick the area code you want.
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    Forgot to mention, something that can be used worldwide. I believe Google Voice doesn't as I could never get it to work while on WIFI outside of the USA.
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    Google voice works great download the app to your phone and use it over wifi.
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    Any other options besides Skype or Google Voice?
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  • Profile picture of the author DABK is what I use.
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    Looks like has exactly what I am looking for.

    $5 for a targeted location and area code and $2 a month with custom voicemail box. $5 set up fee.

    So $12 to start and $2 a month.

    If there is a better option let me know?
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