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I have a question for everyone who is right now finding success in internet marketing. I know that it is a hard road to start being successful in this and that there are a lot of bumps and bruises that you get along the way. A lot of people give up without ever making it far and really growing their businesses, and a lot of people take a long time before they ever make a dollar. Just like any business, it takes a while to learn the ropes and start making your first profits, but once you perfect the systems, things get a lot easier and the checks start rolling in.

I wanted to ask: can you give any advice on overcoming failure? What did you do when you had an idea and it failed or something went wrong and you lost money? How did you cope with that and how did you bounce back? Did you go through a bit of sadness or feeling upset before coming to your senses and getting on with things or did you take longer to get over your first failures before you learned to cope well with them?

I know that to be successful in business you have to be fearless, and that being fearless means not being troubled by things going badly and knowing how to bounce back, so that's one thing I'm looking for advice and how I can work on it. Thanks!
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    At some point, every business owner is going to fail at something. But, as the old saying goes, it's not how many times you get knocked down... it's how many times you get back up.

    Personally, I don't believe that all failures are actually failures... If you learn something from your mistake then I tend to look at it as a success. Glass half full kind of thing....

    I was never one to get down on myself when things went wrong or in a way that I didn't expect. I guess you could call me an eager failure. I've always learned by doing, and when you do that... you're bound to fail. You shake it off, learn for it, come back better, or move on to the next opportunity.

    In my opinion, failure is to be expected. I know I failed, many, many, many times over the last 10 years. I've had blogs that failed... totally failed at affiliate marketing... totally failed with a daily fantasy sports site (that was way before FanDuel)... Failed pretty much every way imaginable.

    I've also had some success along the way. I had info products that sold. I've made money dropshipping. It wasn't until I started making money dropshipping that I moved to private label products and really started making a very good and consistent income online. But, through every failure and success, I've learned something whether it's what to do, or what not to do.
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    I don't believe there is a success story out there that didn't have big failure. Failure is the path to success.

    I have learned by try and error more than anything else. You learn from failure more than you do from a mentor, a book , or any other advice you will find out there.

    The thing in IM a lot of people come with mentality of getting rich of fast, when they fail it is easier to give up. After all they weren't in 100%

    That is not the case with everyone, those who are dedicated, they will see through it may take them time to get up but when they do get up they are back even better than ever.

    The thing I am trying to say here, be fearless, don't be concern about failing, and if you did embrace it. Failure is the first step to success.
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    Originally Posted by gpacx View Post

    I wanted to ask: can you give any advice on overcoming failure? What did you do when you had an idea and it failed or something went wrong and you lost money? How did you cope with that and how did you bounce back? Did you go through a bit of sadness or feeling upset before coming to your senses and getting on with things or did you take longer to get over your first failures before you learned to cope well with them?
    Hey gpacx,
    I look at it like this : In all aspects of Life , failing is just part of the Equation. It is something that will happen to everyone, NO Exceptions.

    The sooner you learn to really embrace this the better off you will be.

    And you embrace this by tellng yourself that the "failures" were really Successes that allowed you to learn , grow, and become that much stronger ( and closer to your Successes )

    - Robert Andrew
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    Some of my best learnings have been from failing something miserably.

    As much as we all want to win and be amazing at everything, sometimes when we are stripped back and show our scar tissue we really start to understand our vulnerabilities and what we want out of our career and our life.

    It's so important to fail now and again as it gives you perspective and allows you renavigate yourself and work on your craft.

    Failure is worth it, I know I would rather fail something then never try at all.

    Bouncing back is imperative. Take the time to digest the failure, have a think about what you would do the next time this event may come around and learn from your mistakes.

    Sometimes failure knocks me around for a day or so, sometimes only momentarily. The most important thing is putting each foot ahead of the other and trying again.
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    Think on the long term basis and not just short term. Set some small goals, medium term goals and long term goals. Start by targeting and achieving small goals, like writing 5 pages every week, or collect 100 email ids of prospects, or editing your squeeze pages, or whatever you set. This will give you some confidence to target bigger goals as you have a initial base set.

    Money is just a fuel to manage your daily activities, so keep a small portion to invest on your products or building your system.

    Don't bother about the results or returns in the beginning. If success was available so easily, no one would have bothered to work hard or done anything creative. So forget about success and failure and enjoy your work!
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    I only know that no matter what you do any job is a long process of learning and continuous practice, failure is also a lesson for you, I lost so much, and it took more than four months to begin beginning with the first profit. You try, success will surely come to you, to wish you success
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    Firstly thanks gpacx for asking such a nice topic

    Disappointment hurts. To input it mildly, it’s an agonizing experience, one that most of us work tirelessly in order to avoid. Often, its effects may be long-lasting, leaving a mark inside our minds, and creating any mental hurdle which can be difficult to overcome in later years.

    But failure can be necessary.

    When we all fail, we have a tendency to ponder, searching for new meaning to your lives, exploring the prospect of possible answers and also solutions for reaching our goals. In reality, failure is an essential part of aim achievement. It acts since life’s guiding light so when mother nature’s chisel, playing a significant role in bettering each subsequent new release and generation regarding life.

    But up to we can reason in regards to the importance of disappointment, when we’re experiencing it, it’s hard to find out the forest from the trees. It’s hard to be able to overcome failure to accomplish our goals when all we could see is soreness and agony.

    I’ve knowledgeable my share regarding monumental failures. I know simply how much it hurts to fail also to do it over a massive scale. Failure certainly still left its mark on playing, and it wasn’t a straightforward matter of picking over bloodied scar. The particular healing took moment. But through all of it, I came for some important realizations, quite similar that other folks do after driving through failure.

    I also stumbled on realize there are many ways to be able to overcome failure and also achieve your targets. However, all them demand a major mental move in thinking. It requires a specific way of considering things in your lifetime, and steering your thinking in the proper direction while seeding the seeds regarding success to experience the rewards at a later time.

    Here are 5 ways you could overcome failure is likely to life to attain your goals.

    #1 Recognize that nothing worthwhile should come easy

    We are this kind of instant gratification community. We want things and we wish them now. Why should we need to wait when we've on-demand everything? From take out to high-speed Internet access, along with an evergrowing impatience for nearly everything, it’s no ponder failure hurts a great deal.

    We are very much accustomed to getting that which you want and getting hired quickly that we all don’t realize simply how much work and effort it’s planning to take to attain something notable. It will take time. But during that time, as we all make the quest towards our aim, we build persona and reach fresh understandings, possibly even locate a deeper meaning to your lives.

    #2 €" Ignore the naysayers, because are going to out in total force

    The human brain works tirelessly in order to avoid pain. In reality, it does almost anything to avoid pain in different capacity. Part of the particular pain of failing is because of dealing with other folks telling you “I advised you so, ” or “You needs to have listened to myself, ” and “Quitting when you were ahead is a smarter move. ”

    The naysayers will probably be out in total force. But don’t tune in to them. Ignore their particular calls and their particular cries to enjoy your demise. And just put your brain down and retain plugging away. Just realize that people can be there to enjoy your demise, nevertheless the true friends will probably be there to enjoy your successes and also help inspire and push one to achieve your targets.

    #3 Accomplishment leaves clues, seek out them high and also low

    While failure could be difficult, it’s also an occasion when we tend to look for clues, because accomplishment leaves clues. Seek and you also shall find. Seek out someone whose success you’re wanting to emulate in whatever field it really is you’re trying to accomplish your goal inside. Then, look regarding clues. What would they do? The length of time did it acquire? How many instances did they are unsuccessful?

    People simply don’t realize that one of the most successful people have failed one of the most times. But the most significant distinction is that the individuals didn’t give upwards. That’s the largest difference between those who succeed and those who don’t â€" their particular unrelenting spirit regarding persistence.

    #4 Consider it as a possiblity to face down the fears

    Sometimes, that isn’t even the particular failure itself in which scares people; it’s worries of failing in which holds them again from doing one thing. But, overcoming failure is also to be able to face down the fears. It’s to be able to overcome that innate want to run far apart and cower in a few corner.

    The pain-pleasure paradigm is quite real. We will constantly do more in order to avoid pain than we will to get pleasure. But, once we can leverage in which knowledge and get over our fears to accomplish our goals, any transformational shift takes place. There’s an extraordinary feeling that goes in addition to it, and it’s a great experience to pave the way for lifelong of achieving targets.

    #5€" Use failure being a learning experience

    Once we fail, it should be to be able to learn from our own mistakes. When we could use that information, put it powering our belts, and also push forward, some tremendous things can occur. There are several ways we can learn from the particular failure, but to carry out so, we need to consider the failure objectively, such as an outsider looking inside.

    Ask yourself exactly why you failed. Where did you make a mistake? What could you might have done differently? Has been it your program? Was it as you failed to see something you need to have seen? Did a negative habit do an individual in? Really consider it objectively and study on it. Use that knowledge to boost yourself and test again. As long when you don’t give upwards, you can constantly overcome failure to accomplish your goals.
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    Don't think of failing as a negative - think of it as a positive experience, a learning curve, a lesson.

    We all fail, because as many others have said, there's no success without failure. If you stick in your head that no matter what happens, you will reach your goals, then the only thing that could stop you is yourself.

    Failures are nothing in your way, if you have a strong mindset about what you want and you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.
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    Did someone say "FAILURE?" I have become very proficient at that particular aspect of internet marketing. Although I would rather be good at failure than to be a expert at procrastination.
    Drop shipping is a Dying Model
    This is the New Wave of E-Commerce
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