Please critique my plan.

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Hi all,

After giving it some thoughts this would be the order of events I'd like to start making some money online

Find a niche on clickbank
Open facebook fan page
Start writing small but helpful articles
Boost or fb ads to get likes and engagement
Build a simple blog on genesis
Have bigger informative articles
Post fist two paragraphs on fb fan page with a read more link to blog
Have specific blog posts that pre sell the clickbank product

Scale and fine tune.

Am I missing any important points?

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    Hi Tim,

    Your plan looks fine,

    I would do keyword research based on the clickbank product. And get someone write article for me from or, and do seo my blog to drive traffic and make sales.

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    Your plan is missing 1 important element.

    You need to capture your traffic's email address when they visit your blog.

    Reason #1 - You can email them each time you post a new article on your blog.

    Reason #2 - You can promote similar products to your niche via email after the become a subscriber.
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    I think that is a good plan, but what do you think if that can be applied to the any niche. Perhaps you will have to have another Social Media used or something like that.
    So in overal - your plan is good - just it is needed to be corrected according to the niche.
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    I agree with Webmarke about the email capture.

    But, I'm not a big fan of the plan, to be honest. Seems like a lot of work that will more than likely produce very little to no returns.

    Instead, I would find a product that offers high margins and a demand. Then I would drive targeted traffic of people who want that product or are at least interested in that product through a sales funnel. These types of people are more 'buyers leads' or 'warmer leads' compared to a Facebook page/group.

    Most people go to Facebook to kill time or see pictures of their cousins dog. They're usually not looking to actively buy. It's a much longer sales process and takes more time and effort to get someone from casual looker of a Facebook page to an article to an email opt in through an email series to buying.

    The more holes you have in your funnel, the bigger the chance for someone to fall out.
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    I agree with Gambino. That's why when I found this gr8 article on with a case study that proves that you can make some serious money online if you go about things the right way...

    I decided to shoot you a quick little video(on Youtube) going over the article and adding my 2cents.

    I also left a link to the article in the description of the video

    Here is the link:

    Hope this helps
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    This is how I would do it:

    1. Pick a product off say market health
    2. Create a high converting squeeze page
    3. Send paid ads from google, bing and FB to my squeeze page
    4. After email collect offer a low cost product
    5. Then take them through an email series
    6. Sell/pitch my product on day 5/7 after I have indoctrinated and engaged them
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    Not to be discouraging, but your plan really isn't much of a plan. It's more like a very, very high level to do list. The steps you outline may well be good ones, but there's really no way to judge them as we have no idea who your customers are, what their needs are or what you bring to the table that your competitors don't.

    Perhaps the biggest thing missing from your "plan" is the "Why":
    • Why do you think your customers want Clickbank products? (As a side note, you don't find a niche on Clickbank -- you find products. A really important distinction, but one that would require a whole other post to explain, so I'll just leave it at that.)
    • Why do you assume that your customers are best reached via Facebook? Have you looked at other potential traffic sources and either discovered that those sources aren't viable? And how are you going to get people to like your page in the first place?
    • Why do you assume your customers need articles (whether smaller or bigger)? What sort of articles have you identified that your customers either can't find now or can find, but you can do better? And how are you going to get your customers to read your articles in the first place?
    • Why do you assume your customers need a blog? Have you considered other business models and determined that blogging is the best match for your customers' needs and your own skills? Or are you just choosing a blog because you don't know anything better to do?
    • Why have you decided on two paragraph posts on Facebook? Have you tried shorter posts? Longer posts? What about images? Videos?
    • Why are you going to scale this model? Is it already working for you? If not, there's nothing to scale. If so, what's the point of this post?

    Again, I'm not at all suggesting that any of your steps are necessarily bad or wrong. For instance, Facebook is a fantastic way for me to reach my customers. But just because something works for me, doesn't mean it'll work for you. And to be blunt, it really looks to me like you haven't given much thought to your plan. Instead, it appears that you've just haphazardly thrown a few actions together and called it a plan.

    If I were re-starting my business, here's how I'd approach my plan:
    1. I'd identify a customer need.
    2. I'd figure out a way to meet those customers' needs in some way that's better, faster, cheaper than the competition.
    3. I'd figure out how to monetize my work.

    I'd spend a lot of time thinking about, brainstorming, researching and sketching out ideas about these three topics. Because once you figure out these three things -- and really understand the "Why" about the actions your taking -- the rest of the steps you'll need to take will start fall into place all on their own.
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    Hey Timothy,
    Your plan is okay. I recommend you do this instead of wasting your time on "all" the things you mentioned above.

    First: find the product you want to promote on Clickbank, and then learn everything you can about the product and the target market. Make sure you spend the amount of time neccessary to start understanding the market of the product and the people interested in the product.

    Second: build a list of all the top forums, communities, blogs, websites, and even top books in your target market. Start visiting these websites daily, and read, read, read. Soak up the information. You'll start to recognize the problems that these people are having. In order for you to profit, you'll need to provide the right solution to their problem(s).

    Third: now that you understand the product, the market, and the underlying problem -- create a freebie that is actually valuable (an eBook). It doesn't have to be super big. Don't fill it with fluff... The more valuable and helpful it is in helping people understand / solve said problem, the more likely the audience you're about to build will trust you.

    Fourth: build a simple landing page with an email opt-in form to collect potential leads. Give your freebie away to whoever opts into your email list. You can drive traffic to your landing page via the list of websites and online communities that you came up with earlier. Now you should start growing your email list -- forget all the other stuff until you have a growing and engaged audience. I recommend you interact with your email list daily. Use it to understand these people and your market even more, and then start tailoring your message towards "helping" them solve said "problem." Build up legit trust, and once accomplished send these people to the Clickbank offer you're promoting through a series of sales emails.

    Fifth: If the product you're promoting is good and your connecting with your audience super well, then I would recommend you learn everything you can from your audience through good questions and survey's, ect... and then build your own product (solution to their main problem with a few upsells/cross sales) and then sell it to your growing audience, and bring on affiliates to promote your product for you.

    I rushed this response so I didn't jump into the finer details, but this is a good process to follow that should insure your success if you work hard, and learn everything you can about your target market, and truly understand the "problems" they're facing -- whatever they may be.

    Good luck!
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