Working on my very first niche site

by dj2590
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Hey everybody i am working on my first niche site. my main thing is email marketing but now I'm trying to expand and try different things
Im taking all the right steps for seo. But im trying to get traffic quickly. Is yahoo answers still a good source. Let's say that I comment on a handful of relevant questions and instead of posting my link I was figuring I can just say Google my domain instead of posting I have great useful content I just don't want to get banned and get my posts removed from Yahoo Answers can that happen?
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    It depends how you're monetizing your website, what offers you are using...not every audience and advertising technique is for every offer. The fastest way to get traffic is to use paid advertising. What paid advertising should you use? As I said, it depends on what your offers that you're making money with really are. For most offers you should do targeted Bing ads and Facebook ads, but again, different offers may benefit from different advertising!
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    From what i have red recently Yahoo isn't the way to go as less and less people use this source, Quora answers might be a better way to go ? also niche related groups on facebook ?
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    After reading "make traffic fast" I'm not seeing too much future here.

    There are no shortcuts for success, you need dedication, hard work, and passion. At least I see with confidence and you are trying your best to get things done, you are in your way.

    Don't expect a fast result, that doesn't mean you will not succeed, you got this.
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    In my experience Yahoo Answers is not the way to go anymore...If you are looking for a better platform, then Quora is a better solution.

    If you want to get high quality traffic to your site, then take the time to really research the niche you are in. Find out what their problems/pain points are as well as their pleasure points and speak directly to that audience through your blog posts and social media pages.

    Start a YouTube channel and answer some of the most important questions your niche has and then offer them the solution by directing them to go over to your site. Not only will you be able to generate free traffic but you will also be able to put yourself in an authoritative position in your niche.
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    It's good idea to try different things, the key is don't put all your eggs into one basket, diversify your traffic source. You can try other alternative like blurtit, answerbag, answers dot com, theanswerbank, askdeb and askmehelpdesk.

    Other source you may want to try, Facebook Group is also hot, its similar to forums on social media.
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