What could you do with artist traffic?

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I have pages and profiles with quite a bit of following, but I haven't been able to think of a good way to monetize the traffic. I can drive a pretty good amount of daily traffic in this niche/market whatever you'd call it.

Would information products or physical products be best?

I'm just stuck.

Any ideas?

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    Partner with an artist supply house - not amazon. They pay 4% commission. Sadly, that is not a lot of money. Best that you understand you need to make some green. It is hard to make a profit with narrow margins. Look at products where you can make 20% per sale or more. Often we are told to promote flagship products that are expensive. I have found that those do not sell well and require expertise. Still, you should try to make at least $10 per sale as your time is a valuable resource.
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    I think you need to test various products and the ones which will give you best results - use. I think that will take some time, but that is the only way.
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    What niche is it? Information or physical products that depend on the niche are you in.
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    Choose the relevant products and try it yourself. If your chosen product is relevant to your page traffic then you can sure to get some profits.
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