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I got this today and I thought some of you may find it useful. It's free.
Here's what the site says...

"Helping readers take blogs offline, Zinepal lets any user convert their favourite online content into ebooks and printable, magazine-style PDFs.

Users of British Columbia-based Zinepal begin by selecting content they like from blogs, Atom/RSS feeds and other websites. Zinepal then reformats that content into a printable PDF and ebook format for use with the Amazon Kindle and other electronic readers. Users can preview and edit or reformat the resulting "zine," even adding a title and logo of their own to customize the publication.
Advertising images can also be included at the bottom of each page. Once their zine is complete, users can print it or request an e-mailed copy; they can also request that new zines be automatically created each day or week from the content they choose. Zines can be made public on the site for sharing and searchability; zine feeds, meanwhile, provide a way for users to offer subscriptions to their publications.
There is currently no charge for using Zinepal. A video on explains how the process works."

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    Thanks Much! This is exactly what I was searching for to use on one of my upcoming projects. I had a quote for something similar that would have cost me over $300 !!

    This looks to do nearly everying the other product offered....And for FREE...!!

    Thanks again....

    It's Time for Christmas Cookies!
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    Damn, I just did a search to see if anyone else had heard of this service and you beat me to it by a few days Good find!
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