Is Content Locking Profitable?

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I have a question regarding content locking CPA offers.

Is content locking an effective way to earn?

I've never use it before because I thought it was a bit techie
to even do it. I am noticing a lot more content locking efforts
and wanted to know if it is worth the effort.

What are some good ways to use content locking?

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    Can you link to an example? I'm not sure exactly what you mean.
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    yes but no as well.

    you can lock your content but only if you are offering other contents on your website as well.
    you need to build an trustworthy first instead to putting content locker, people will not belive in you.....
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    Is Content Locking Profitable?
    Sure it can be profitable but I kinda doubt a CPA + content locker is better than a sample of good content + content locker.

    One of the TV shows on PBS has a slick content locker. Again they include a sample of content as a teaser.
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