Best resources for a complete newbie?

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Hi guys!

I'm a programmer and english teacher. I've created an online english school and now i want to grow it, but to be frank, i have no clue how to do it.

I'm a complete newbie in marketing. What are the best resources to gain knowledge, as a beginner?

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    A few beginners guide to internet marketing and SEO incoming. I found them pretty useful for myself some time ago.

    Should get you on the right track
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    Learn how to do Facebook Ads properly, with the right targeting, and you'll be fine
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    Social media! Twitter, Linkin, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Doing this around demand! Use tools like the keyword planner tool and research your market and demand and be in your marketplace and see what questions people are having and help them with those.

    Targeted Viewers! All your traffic needs in one spot. Get seen today!
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    If you already have an online course, you can develop membership site and find affiliates to promote it.
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    - Build a blog and postb regularly to it.

    - Learn how to create an email list

    - Use either paid traffic ( people coming to view your site/offer) and or

    - Build a following on social media, say a fanpage on Facebook or helpful "learn English" tweets on Twitter with "click for more info" links back to your site and or your landing page.
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    i have no clue how to do it.
    Spread the word on social media.
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    The biggest problem for a newbie in internet marketing is information-overload.

    There are tens of thousands of internet-marketing methods, and many more released every day. It's easy to assume that more information is better, try to learn from as many as possible, and ending up getting overwhelmed and confused into inaction.

    Much better is to realize that most methods will NOT be a good fit for you personally, at this stage in your learning, so you can ignore them.

    For example, there are lots of great offline methods (selling online services to offline businesses, etc.) which can make big money quickly, BUT for an introvert, since most of them require good sales skills at some stage in the process, it's just not workable at all.

    Another example . . . paid traffic has some major advantages, such as easy up-scaling, BUT most people don't understand testing. Since random events are much more clustered than people assume, a good "rule of thumb" is that you need to spend 4 times as much on traffic, as your potential profit, and that's for EACH test. So for example, if you read a method recommending CPA offers for financial services that pay out $250 per sign-up, for a single test, you need to spend $1000 on traffic before you know whether you are making a profit or a loss. Then you change ONE single word in the text that visitors see, and you need to do another test. So, for someone who only has $100 to invest, it is very unlikely that profit is going to be made.

    So, you need to be honest about your strengths/weaknesses, and situation (money and time to invest, experience, skills etc.), and then ONLY consider methods that are a very good fit for you, right now (later on you can learn new skills, but start with the best fit you can for your existing situation). That will give you a MUCH better chance of success


    If you have experience with paid traffic, or have a mailing-list or social-media following (niches: business, finance, money, MMO, IM), I may be able to get you access to one of the highest-converting offers ever made . . . $799.65 sales per webinar attendee from one mailing-list.

    PM me NOW for more info !
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    Social media is one of the strongest platforms to make the spread out anything, So you can get focus on your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest... etc! Start it with your friendship circle to get the reach of it and focus on reading the Social Media marketing to elaborate it better. Good luck!
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