do people make money by sending traffice to other sites

by pabda
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can you make make money by sending traffic from you tube to other sites by link in the discreption.
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    Originally Posted by pabda View Post

    can you make make money by sending traffic from you tube to other sites by link in the discreption.

    Yup, why not? It's a good idea, you can link to website or affiliate link as well. Are you currently own YouTube videos that have the high ranking and many views per day?
    If so, instead of putting links of other people why don't you find out related affiliate product and start to make money with it?

    - Anhvu
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    It works best if you offer some freebies and subscription.

    Once you capture their contacts, you can now follow up with your subscribers.
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    Of course you can. Whether you'll make money or not depends on the products that you'll try to monetize with. Make sure that the products which you're offering to them are really interesting.

    Another way to make money is to offer other marketers to put their link in the description of your video for a small fee...
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    Of course you can but build up your channel on YT first it will be more effective!
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    of course people do seo and earn money..seo is badly needed for web site .always do white hat seo..thanks
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    One of the easiest ways of doing this is AdSense . . . all you have to do is create content that people read, and the AdSense system does everything else and you get paid. Simple as that.

    Another method, as some people are saying, is by using affiliate links, which means you link to a product relevant to the content on a page, and if someone buys after they click through your affiliate link, you get a commission on the sale. Amazon is the best-known example of this, and can work really well if you do it right.

    Another method would be to make links to CPA products. CPA means "Cost Per Action", and this means you can get paid without the visitor needing to actually buy anything. For example, you might get paid if the visitor who clicks the link agrees to receive a free sample of a product, or if they apply for a financial service, or complete a survey.

    Try all these methods, and whatever gives you the most profit, learn more about that method and increase your profits more !

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    Originally Posted by pabda View Post

    can you make make money by sending traffic from you tube to other sites by link in the discreption.
    Yes in theory

    But like all ways of making money you need to do it right. Don't expect to put up any old videos with a link in the description and make sales.

    First you need the right kind of video that will grab attention, engage and be useful to the viewer.

    You will also need to have a strong call to action in the video to actually click the link.

    From experience I find it is much better to offer a free gift in exchange for an email and then promote to your list.

    There are better ways to get people to click links directly in your videos like call-outs etc. but these need to be linked to a 'Google approved' website that you own. So no direct links to affiliate sites.

    However if you take the time to do this right it is very effective.
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