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I've had several newbies PM me recently about their struggles to find helpful information online when they don't have a real budget on which to rely to help them get started in online business.

I inquired if they have used Google operators to search for their information "outside" this forum and "outside" paid products. None had a clue what I was talking about. I made a related post years ago, but apparently no one has found it - why should they if they are not looking for this information?

A lot of people hate Google for their algorithms and updates. Fine. But Google can be your friend in many other ways.

This tip will help you find free information on any subject in seconds. Really!

How would you like literally thousands of ideas, tips, strategies, best practices, guidelines and all kinds of help on any topic under the sun? And it's all at zero cost to you and it's laid out in seconds?

This is what you do:

Go to the Google home page and type in your desired subject in the search bar. Add a space after the subject then type "filetype:pdf" (no quotes). Then search on that string.

That's all you have to do. Then you simply scroll through all the pdfs that are in the search results and pick and choose those that look helpful or interesting.

This works so well because generally PDFs tend to be less advertising biased and more content oriented so you'll get search results that are mostly educational and helpful content.

Here are a few examples of some topics that you might want to try:

public domain filetype:pdf

copywriting filetype:pdf

market research filetype:pdf

membership sites filetype:pdf

email best practices filetype:pdf

Any subject is fair game and of course, the results you get will largely depend upon how targeted and specific your search string is. This tip may be old news for seasoned marketers . . . but maybe not. We're all still learning, right?

The very best to all of you,

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    do you have to type filetype:pdf?

    You can just type pdf and pdfs will come up. But the weird part is ,
    example pdf
    example filetype:pdf
    brings some different results. this is intresting.
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      Originally Posted by Burak Sen View Post

      do you have to type filetype:pdf?

      You can just type pdf and pdfs will come up. But the weird part is ,
      example pdf
      example filetype:pdf
      brings some different results. this is intresting.

      My guess is (and it's only a guess): "example pdf" will give results for both words, separate and in combination - example and pdf. Whereas using the operator "filetype:pdf" won't search for the term "PDF" but rather it will just search for the term "example" but the search results will only be pdf documents (the file type). I'm guessing there is a big difference in these two ways of searching.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      filetype:pdf will return ONLY pdf files.

      so if you search

      keyword filetype:pdf

      you'll see all PDF that either contain the keyword you searched for or are related to the keyword in any way (links with anchor text as the keyword, etc)

      keyword pdf search will return mostly normal results (web pages, not pdf)
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    As always Steve puts out useful info.Great stuff Steve thanks again.
    Drop shipping is a Dying Model
    This is the New Wave of E-Commerce
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    try it with DAN KENNEDY or FRANK KERN.....

    BOOM, that will awaken you eyes. There is probably worth at least $1,000,000 in marketing and list building information if you do that. LOL.

    But remember do not just read, take action. Some of frank kern stuff I read, for FREE, is actually worth at more than those silly $97 ebooks, and $497 video courses. Yes, by just using the info give above.

    Also you can study copywriting stuff with .DOC ending in google. that stuff there is priceless. yes people leave the copywriting letters on their servers in DOC form, thinking they will not be seen by anyone. LOL. WRONG!!

    This is a great way to find those $10,000 sales letters, and you can study them, and see why they are working.
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    There are many advanced search terms that you can use in Google search but one has to be careful that they are not used to access premium material. You can use the desired keyword with the following search terms:
    filetype:pdf "Marketer’s name" "[Yes] can be given away"
    filetype:pdf “All material on the web site is in the public domain”
    filetype:pdf “on this website is in the public domain”
    filetype:pdf “on this website are in the public domain”

    Some of the best Public Domain information can be found at,, and many, many more.
    To find government sites that have a lot of current Public Domain information use the following search term:
    site:gov “put keyword here”

    "Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened." (Winston Churchill)

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    Good tips,
    It still shocked me the number of people that don't bother to use google and get all flustered trying to figure stuff out (no offence to anyone)
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  • Profile picture of the author drewgood
    It's amazing how much is really out there. It makes me think I need to be more cognizant of being sure to take action, and not just soak in random info without doing anything about it.
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