How much do you estimate the 3 Week Diet is making?

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I have a particular skill that I'm good at, and I'm thinking of creating an info-product about it and selling it as a vendor on Clickbank.

I've been promoting some health and fitness products on CB for a few weeks now with moderate success, but it seems that the real bucks are made as a vendor with a solid product.

Just curious - what's the potential earnings potential as a vendor?

I see that the 3 Week Diet has a gravity of 220 at the time of this posting, does anyone have an idea on how much that yields in $$$?

My industry and niche is much smaller than that of the 3 Week Diet, but I'm curious to hear about the earning potential if I applied a similar business model.

Any CB vendors around?
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    Hey there!!

    220 is not the exact correct metric of sales, this just means 220 different affiliates have made one sale...

    so one affiliate could have made 10,000 sales and one could have made 100 but the gravity won't show this...

    Put it this way if they are still paying the CB vendor fee they are still making money!

    Good luck with your product!
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    • Ah, that's very interesting. What's the window for this? 220 affiliates have made a sale in the past week, month, all time?
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    Hey there!

    According to CB it's in the last 6-8 weeks
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    Well 3 Week Diet launched April of 2012 & has paid out over $5 million in affiliate commissions (according to their affiliate page). They payout 75% commission but top affiliates can earn up to 90%.

    So let's look at the math (approximate)

    $5 million divided by 54 months = $92592.59 per month affiliate payouts

    Let's round that up to $100,000 for easier math & assume on average it was 80% paid out. So $125,000 in monthly gross sales with 3 Week Diet collecting 15% of that or $18,750 a month average if you look at it throughout a 54 month period. Remember that it takes a new merchant time to gain traction on Clickbank so sales would be increasing over months/years unless they are a "flash in the pan" vendor. Read on...

    Now let's look at what likely is occurring at this moment with a guess based on some statements. Their Clickbank description says "3 Week Diet - Affs Making $52,000+ Daily! Huge Improvements! Relaunch!". Their affiliate page also shows one affiliate's stats showing $1000-$2000 daily commissions. So indeed they may be paying all affiliates $50,000+ daily plus I don't think Clickbank would allow them making that statement if it wasn't true.

    So if affiliates are making $52,000 a day (earning 75%-90%) then "3 Week Diet" likely is pocketing maybe $9000 a day (guesstimate if that affiliate daily payout is accurate). Cut that figure in half to be more conservative & it goes down to $4500 a day or $135,000 per month.

    Now let's look at past success of Mike Geary from "Truth About Abs" (Fat Burning Kitchen & 101 Anti-aging Foods). He did an interview a few years ago & this article provides his results - The Truth About Abs: How To Make $1,000,000 Per Month with Digital Products (Plus: Noah Kagan results) | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss . Now - as you can see Mike's income is not only based on his Clickbank sales but indeed that income sprouted out from it. Many vendors also operate as affiliates & email their customers offers from other vendors/merchants. Anyway - you can learn a lot from Mike as well as by looking at how 3 Week Diet supports their affiliates.
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    • Thanks so much man, this stuff is awesome! Just what I was looking for. If only my niche was as big as the amount of people who want abs hahaha
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