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One of the biggest barriers to entry in internet marketing is the amount of misinformation. Because of the sheer amount of people trying to make it big on the internet, make a living at home filling out surveys, or make a living doing internet marketing at home, there are so many people trying to get into the niche that are actually being sold misinformation. When I first became interested in internet marketing in 2008, I was buying product after info-product that would show me the actual secrets of internet marketing - give me the promised shortcuts to success that I was craving so I could start living the life I wanted.

Unfortunately, those shortcuts never materialized, and although I had looked at tons of material explaining things, I knew that something was missing from my introduction. Paid material is ultimately designed to sell you something and not to inform you - nobody tells you what is actually making them money because then it wouldn't work anymore. Here are some steps you can take as a brand new user on this forum to start learning the real secrets of internet marketing.


Want your own internship in IM? Everyone tries to learn by reading the forums all day, soaking up knowledge and getting excited by new ideas but rarely putting them into action. I know because I used to be one of those people. Forums are full of misinformation, old information, and thinly-veiled trolling that you might not pick up on as a new member. It can also be difficult to access mentors on this platform. To start learning, do the following:

1. Make an account on
2. Look for data entry or writing jobs - or whatever is in your skill set that you plan to use for marketing. For me, it was writing and content creation.
3. Apply for a ton of jobs in your niche and make sure that yours is one of the lowest prices - you need to start getting some validation and credibility, as well as making contacts. It's not so important to make money just yet.
4. Get your first job and do some excellent work for your client. Try to find a job where your client is obviously in some kind of marketing, for example, creating a website or content for a website or designing a logo somehow.
5. Talk to your client and find out what they're doing in their business - people will teach you a lot if you build a solid relationship with them by being personable and doing great work.
6. Start raising your prices on Freelancer and generate some seed money for your IM business. If you can't make money as a Freelancer, how can you expect to provide value to your customers? If you can market somebody else's business for money, you know for sure that you'll be able to market your own website at your own expense in the future. Doing Freelance work is a chance to hone your skillset and generate value for yourself and others.

Where to Spend?

I would recommend growing your network by doing Freelance projects, continuing to browse and read through the forum and ensuring that you don't spend any money on products in the "make money online" niche. You are already making money online! When you have an idea for a project, don't go crazy all at once and spend your whole bank account. Create a process, test it, refine and repeat it. When it's profitable, scale it.

You might be able to base your first project on something else that you saw while working on Freelancer or browsing this forum. You might not. Either way, you will be earning money that you can invest in your own success and finding out what other marketers are doing who are at least successful enough to be able to spend money hiring you.

I know several people that got into internet marketing because they build a strategic partnership doing cheap data entry work for someone who had a successful operation and wanted to bring them on board. They learned the ropes from someone who could be considered an expert and eventually became very successful by applying the same principles.
It's critical as a newbie that you avoid any big promises from people selling IM training programs and instead train yourself by actually working for money while developing personally and coming up with your own ideas to be successful.
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