Infolinnks Cheating? eCPM increased but adviews drop and vice versa!

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Its been a year I am using infolinks. I had a blogspot blog and I have both adsense and infolinks active in my blog. A month back I added custom domain for my blog. Doing this caused my adsense to stop until I re-send them approval request and same happened to infolinks. Adsense rejected my request, but infolinks accepted. Now after the custom domain, I am getting more and more views. The infolinks eCPM was 1$ (max 1.5$<) before I had custom domain. And ad views were also low, like 200, 300 or <500. I was making <0.6$ daily. I was always using 3 to 4 word ads and intag ads only. No any other ad.
But after applying custom domain I noticed that my eCPM is dropped to 0.15$ (max <0.3$) but my ad views increased from 500 views to 3000+ views. I waited 2 weeks, but eCPM never raised.
So I decided to less the quantity of infolinks ads. So I lowered the in-text ads back to 3 or 4. Before this I have 5 in-text ads. Also disabled infold ads. Now from next day the eCPM increased to approx. 1$ but now ad views dropped to 300 views (from 3000)!
Wait what???? how can it be possible....... its really annoying. So I contacted infolinks. They said enable infold ad as it performs good.
The next day I received huge traffic of 24000 views (before that day traffic was more than 10,000) but now when I visited infolinks account the same thing happened again.
The eCPM dropped to 0.29 or something and views were 2500.
What is this??? Infolinks is very poor.. I am really dissappointed. I don't want their money but the things they are doing proves that they are doing something weird with me.
I am posting this because I deserver the money, I don't need it!
Sorry for bad English.
I will be waiting for your replies and suggestions.
I have attached the pic.

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    Have you spoken with customer support for the companies you're working with? Most likely they will have answers for your concerns.

    How can random people on a public forum speak with any authority about your issues with specific advertising companies?

    I will say this . . . you're highlighting one of the reasons why it is so difficult to make good money with this advertising model when you're just starting out online. In order to make a living wage, you need to be able to control and drive massive amounts of traffic. When you're making pennies for clicks, it takes a heck of a lot of them to accumulate significant dollars.


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