Bored -- I need a project! What do you recommend?

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So I'm pregnant with baby #3 .... taking care of a toddler during the day and now that school is over (waiting for my test on Nov 9th) and my days are completely empty -- I'm bored!


For YEARS I wrote articles,books etc and had dozens of websites and now nothing! I haven't done anything since February and I don't know where to start.

Okay so here are some of my ideas ( none have to do with freelance writing; I can't dedicate myself to deadlines) Which one do ya'll think would be a good project to keep me busy, bring in a bit of pocket money and just give me something to do while I blow up like a pumpkin??

Idea 1 : Simple affiliate list building . I'll write a cute helpful 20 page ebook offer it for free via some solo ads to build my list . Use an autoresponder to promote some affiliate products and provide advice I've learned over the years. Most profitable option is of course money making niche . I'd love to do the health niche but don't know where to find solo ads!

Idea 2 : An ecommerce store ; Could make some things sale them for a few bucks. I would use shopify and promote on groupon to earn profit faster. Was going to sell on ebay this week to clear some space to make items.

Idea 3 : Arbitrage ; the service kind so that I'm the middle "Wo"man.

Idea 4: Authority site. Love making these would do one in my beauty industry since it's fun for me. Problem is income is SUPER slow normally.

Idea 5 : Write a ton of short kindle books. Since I won't have a deadline or anything I can have some fun and just write a handful of books. Money is slow on kindle too --- 3 months for payments --- there goes my weekly cake.

What do you guys think? Any of them scream yes do me! Cuz I honestly can't pick and I'm totally not going to do all of them at once.

I can't do nails sadly and even after passing my exam it's hard to find a job in my small city and we're moving in 45 days. I'm simply aiming to make a few hundred a week and to keep busy.

Opinions,tips and advice welcomed please and thank you.
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    Originally Posted by sweetcrabhoney18 View Post

    What do you guys think? Any of them scream yes do me! Cuz I honestly can't pick and I'm totally not going to do all of them at once.

    Opinions,tips and advice welcomed please and thank you.
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    Offer some funny gigs on Fiverr - you'll make money and spend time creatively.
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    Hi, coming from a mum of 1 with another on the way, I would suggest something you can pick up and put down in short blocks - not massive projects that are going to put pressure on you.

    When I had a newborn I was writing lots of website content - mainly due to the fact that I found it really simple and I could do pages in short blocks (to suit with baby's sleep patterns).

    I would also consider writing the eBooks and possibly blogs, as you are in a very popular niche (mummy bloggers etc) and there are plenty of people out there craving fresh perspective and fresh content.

    It's impossible to make the decision for you, however chose something that doesn't demand a lot of time as you will be pretty time poor and you probably will only have short bursts of focused attention to give.

    Another option is jumping on some of the freelance sites and doing quick projects, the projects can be only a few hours, milestones are set in advance so you get paid quickly.

    Good luck!
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    I actually like idea n.1 and n.2
    I am personally more inclined to go with the e-commerce store but i like idea n.1 too.

    But i would say that if you are bored pick something you enjoy because getting into a business because of boredom could be dangerous and could waste some of your time.
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  • I'd go with fun and profitable.

    That'd be a combination of ideas 1 and 3. I'll create an authority site in a niche that's fun for me; and

    I'll then convert my onsite pages into media-rich, mobile-friendly Facebook Instant Articles where I'll also push a compelling opt-in offer to build my list and earn from affiliate commissions, on top of a few auto-fill ads from the Facebook Audience Network that'll make me earn 70% ad revenues ...

    Then again, that's just me.
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    I'd take option 1. It can be a long term income strategy as well as a short term one. You also wrote 'simple'. I assume you're familiar and have had success doing this in the past. Instead of creating a long 20 page eBook, why not put together shorter 1 page articles, quick guides etc. that can be consumed quickly. Just read through The Invisible Selling Machine and apparently short content/lead magnets work best for higher conversions. Something to consider.

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    I've followed some of your posts in the past and have a thought about your question.

    Whatever you decide to do, don't forget what led you to some of the negative feelings from before.

    I've made that mistake myself several times: start something, get frustrated with it, quit, then start wanting to get back into it a little later. When I did, that led to the same frustration as before. Then, in some cases, I would go through that cycle a couple times before I learned my lesson.

    Before choosing something you've done before, you may consider reading past posts or threads where you talked about it - not to bring up anything negative but to help make sure you are making a good decision.

    Good luck with everything.

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    Build instagram accounts for sure. That gets you so hooked.

    Pick a niche what you're interested in and start gathering a following.

    It will turn into a game and as it snowballs bigger you will see the real potential in this.

    I'd definitely do that if I was in your shoes


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    As an eCommerce expert and consultant myself I can recommend eCommerce. But you have to be aware of the fact that competition is huge and its not as "easy" as it has been a few years ago. Shopify alone registers around 2,000-3,000 new shops every single day and CPC on Facebook etc. rise.

    It can be a very profitable and longterm business, as long as you don't fall for the false expecations all these "gurus" give you. Its also helpful if you are personally interested in the product or service you sell.
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    I really like idea one as it seems like the most profitable in the long run and it can bring it huge amounts of money for not only you but also your family
    But you need to figure out a niche market for it in order to make the most money health seems like a good idea, technology and education could work too
    Pitch in more ideas and ask around from people
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    I would go for writing kindle books! It's a potential source of good money and passive income. Plus you don't have to worry about dealing with clients and customer service if you take this route. =)
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    You guys are so awesome!

    Thank you for the tips,notes to think about and just generally giving me your opinion on my ideas. It means sooo very much to me.

    When your mind is spinning with so many ideas having people say pick this is so much easier than flipping a coin and helping for the best.

    I'm going to pick one project to start tomorrow in the AM... gonna start the month out with something to do that isn't just changing diapers and watching on demand movies!

    Thank you all so much again!


    keep moving forward

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    if you want to start working on something that will kill time for you as well as won't be boring then the first thing you need to keep in mind is that it should be something that you enjoy otherwise there is no point. writing articles and ebooks can be good. the difference among the two will be that for ebook writing you can choose your own topics and timings where as for writing articles for another party will require you to work according to the provided time frame. ecommerce idea is also great but this kind has its risks.
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    FB / and instagram and co-agulate them together. This is really doing wonders for me and my business.

    I cannot believe people post this stuff, about being bored. LOL> i mean my god! There is stuff to do...not enough hours in teh day for my work. How the hell can you be bored. LOL.
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