.co domains? Hurt or Help or does not matter?

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I am starting a new site and the only domain available that I want is a .co one. Does this matter at all? I will have a great site with tons of good unique content, but I have never done a site with a .co.
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    Many people will actually read that as .COM and that's what they will type, although this will only be an issue if they're entering the address manually.

    Also consider that this will detract a lot from the site's value should you ever want to sell it.

    Can't you add something to the beginning or end of the name to find a version that's available as a .COM?
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Google will rank you better as a ".com" as well.

    The largest websites are .com so they get a preference in the search results.
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    Originally Posted by 11moments View Post

    . . . the only domain available that I want is a .co one. Does this matter at all?

    Listen to what Annie has said. There are many, many great dot com domain names available right now in every niche.

    You are being way too picky in saying there is only one name available that you want. Any name can be successful and profitable if it is branded well.

    Take the name you want (without the extension) and type it into the search bar at Lean Domain Search and Impossibility. Returned will be hundreds of dot com names that are currently available that you could choose from and register right now.

    Dot com is the way to go for many reasons - don't settle for less when there is no reason to.


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    .com domains are supposed to be most popular and prestigious. And if there is already a domain registered with your desired name than a .co website would seem as a knock off of the .com domain or at the least to be inspired from the .com. In my opinion i think it is better to come up with a more exclusive name that should define your brand name online and otherwise. Go for something that is only yours in terms of identity. Competing with an already established brand is going to be harder. Unless you are trying to capitalize on the brandname or the popularity of the already established domain.

    One the other hand there are ways that you can prebook the .com domain. There are sites that keep track of the expiring domain names and if you hire their services they can get you your desired domain as soon as it becomes available. The time for waiting for the desired name is generally under two years.
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