I want to write some freelance articles BUT

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For those of you who do writing for others.

I would like to write some articles for a little quick cash, BUT I can't overload myself. How do you put your name out there and still limit the amount of work you take on?

Also, Do you still have to pay for a warriors for hire thread when you are a war room member?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Getting overloaded can be a problem. I think you're wise to limit it, that way you can still give good customer service and write quality articles.

    I would just state in the ad that you can only take on 10 new customers currently (or whatever) and then when you've reached your quota, "close" the thread.

    Good luck with it.

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    Well you just have to be honest and straightforward. Make it known how much work you can handle in a specific timeframe.

    The purpose of being a freelancer is that you call the shots.
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      I've often wondered if any article ghost writers offered a service like this...

      Say they can complete (research & write) 6 articles per day. And they only want to work Monday through Thursday each week. That's 24 articles per week (96 per month).

      Sell recurring blocks of articles. Joe wants 5 per month, Mary wants 15 per month, Bob wants 10 per month etc.

      You could probably get away with charging a little bit of a premium. Because people would like the quality (or they would cancel) and they've got their spot locked in. So they don't have to continually look for writers on a "Just In Time" basis.

      Just make sure you clearly define your price, your range of article length, delivery schedule, etc. up front.

      If you do approximately 500 word articles and charge $25 each ($0.05/word), that's $2,400 per month. You're not going to get rich doing that. But for a person who wants to write for some extra cash and have a steady flow of work, it might be a good way to go.

      And there are all sorts of ways to expand from there if somewhere down the road you decide the 6 articles a day for $2,400 a month grind isn't for you.

      Has anyone tried this? Surely they have...
      "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
      ~ Zig Ziglar
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    I like Lance's ideas a lot! Good response, Lance!

    Let me add that I see too many good writers seriously underpricing their services. Since you're already thinking about limiting the amount of work you want to take on, start out of the gate with higher prices. Of course, you'll have to perform, but you know that already. I used to freelance write all the time and the big lesson I learned was that if you're good, customers become fiercely loyal.

    It's not about price! Seriously, it isn't. It's about doing high quality work and being on time every time. Price is a distant third to those two criteria.

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    I made that mistake at first - taking on too many projects without having the time. The key to it all is simple moderation. If you join a site like Elance, only apply for the jobs you'd be interested in. And make sure you only apply for an amount that would be manageable.

    Please read the sig file rules

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      When I sense that I am getting overloaded, I will be very upfront with the client and explain the circumstances so that he or she will know what to expect from me. If I don't think that I'll be able to meet a certain deadline, then I'll be polite and refer them to other writers who may be able to better serve them.

      Once you begin to write, you'll get a feel for the process and will know what you can realistically take on.
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    Lance, yes we do that for clients. Tried it as a wso on 13th Nov 2006 WSO Archive - Closed sold out. When is the next sale starting? | WarriorPlus

    Regarding competition, there is plenty for article writers, especially as the normal response in IM is to tell people to write cheap articles, before discovering their skills as writers.

    But the truth is from all the stats there is a shortage of writers across the board.
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    I used to run a membership site called ArticleAlchemy.com (Turning Articles Into Gold).
    I offered PLR articles as well as custom-written articles on a membership basis.

    I took it down because the custom article portion got out of control and my commitment to having to deliver those limited my opportunities to do copywriting which pays much better.

    I'm thinking about relaunching it but this time I want to contract with article writers and have them create the custom articles. My staff and I will QC them before they are delivered to the customer.

    Another business on my to-do list I guess.

    -- Lisa G

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