How long should e-book be?

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I'm publishing an e-book. How long should it be, on average?

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    i don't know which kind of your e-book, but its cost maybe about 27 ~ 37$
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      Thanks Anthony, but I was asking about length please.
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    In my opinion, your e-book should be divided into saperate parts. Each parts may be 30-50 pages.
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    There isn't any specific length for an ebook. In hard copy, readers expect novels to be about 90,000 words. Non fiction runs from 40,000 to 90,000 words.
    I have ebooks running from 5,000 to 15,000 words and one that will reach 60,000 words.

    It depends on your subject matter, market and how you're pricing the book.

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    Someone said this that no good book is ever too long and no bad book is ever too short. This goes for both print and e-books.
    First you have to consider this that your each manuscript should be sufficient to tell your story completely, neither too long nor too short, it should provide the necessary information it requires.
    32 pages are a bit short for an e-book. 150-page e-book is quite well. Now while writing its not about all content. Obviously first 3 to 5 pages are for references, table of content, disclaimers, and about me page kind of stuff. And then 50 to 60 take up your writing content and then you add images and graphics which will add more 30 to 40 by the time it is complete. Now if you think that this is enough and you can't add more, then trusts your instinct and skills and price it!
    E-books usually depend upon the category you choose and should be as long as it needs to get to the point across.
    Non-fiction books usually have 50,000 to 75,000 words; adult novels have usually 100,000 and those in other categories have 80,000 to 120,000 words.
    Creating table contents, writing chapter summaries, determining your desired length of book, comparing yours book length with the similar published, and by deciding how long should each chapter must be will help you in evaluating your perfect result.
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    Originally Posted by David Hatton View Post


    I'm publishing an e-book. How long should it be, on average?

    How high should the temperature of a cup of tea be?

    Depends how you like it, right? Or what's the situation. What kind of tea it is etc.

    Same with ebooks. It all depends on what's it for...

    You can't define an e-book and give it an universal length that an e-book has to be.

    Are you writing a novel or a step by step guide? Are you writing a fiction book or non fiction?

    And to be honest, for me the e-book has to be as long as i feel it should be.

    So how long do you want it to be?

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    There's no average per se. You only have to care about giving value. If you can do it in less no. of pages -- don't stretch it. But if it takes you more pages -- then by all means do so. Just focus on giving value. It's the only thing that counts.
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    1 page ===> 100,000 pages

    Seriously, I have some that are 5 pages ( report) and some 20 times that amount.

    Personally,I like to keep them 20 to 50 pages in length. That does good for me

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    I currently working on my kindle book, it is very unlikely i will reach 40-50 pages per section. Total pages is roughly about 40 pages at most.
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    I think 30 to 40 pages is about right. I'm not expecting more than that.
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    It depends... In reality, pages don't matter. You should focus on keeping it interesting & informative. You can even sell a 5000-page eBook for $50, if it can transcend the expectations.
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    Depends really... but I would ask you this - is it a free eBook?

    If so I would leave it on the shorter side, leave your readers wanting more. That way you could release a second eBook, where this one would cost money. Provide the most valuable content in the second eBook.
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    It could be a simple 5 page ebook you've written for the sole purposes of lead generation by giving out free tips to prospective clients, or, it could be a 150 page guide on SEO. The point is, don't just create an ebook just to have one, create one with an end goal, build out quality content with a professional editor, finalize it, and publish it. Best of luck!
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    The average novel is approximately 80,000 words long, but ebooks lend themselves to shorter formats, some even the length of extended essays. (Amazon call them Kindle Singles). The cold fact is, ebooks by definition are cheap, and however many words you write, you will only be able to charge a small amount for it online. There is little point in writing a door-stopping 200,000-word opus, if you can only charge $2.99 for it. Rather than spending a year or more producing one full-length title, it may be better to spend that time writing a sequence of three or four shorter eBooks of, say, 20,000 words each. In marketing terms, publishing four times in a year is better than publishing just once.
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    1 page. 5 pages , 10 pages or 100 pages.

    The right answer depends on scope of what you are writing. But if you are writing a "how to" ebook you want to sell, making it as short as possible is always BETTER.

    People want quick information they can use in a simple step by step format.

    This usually makes writing brief and to the point.
    So the answer is depend on scope.

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    It doesn't matter how long the ebook is. What matters
    is how the reader feels about. Do they feel as if you
    have answered their question, provided them with
    what they were looking for, does you book over deliver?

    These questions are more important than how many
    words it is.
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    There is definately no exact length, I think it would be interesting to know what your topic or area of expertise is as this will make a big difference.

    I have read eBooks that are 10 pages and then I have read others that are 250 - same sort of price, way different content wise.

    Some eBooks only need a few pages to explain a concept, while others need the whole shebang to get the info across.

    It's important to realise there is no 'correct' length.

    Here's a guide I found online:

    - The average nonfiction book, if such a thing exists, runs about 50,000 to 75,000 words, but this can vary depending upon category. Biographies, for example, can run 200,000 words.

    - How-tos or self-help usually have 40-50,000 words. The average adult novel runs approximately 100,000 words while those in other categories run 80-120,000 words.

    - An ebook could be 3,000 words or as long as a full-length book

    Hope this helps
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    Most of my clients want books between 10,000 and 40,000 words in length. Number of pages varies greatly depending on whether you use a 10 point font or a 14 point. With Kindle the reader can change font size so their is no set number of pages.

    The book needs to be long enough to tell your story or explain how to do something.

    The main thing is to cover what you promise when you advertise the book. Don't claim "Everything you need to know about Pregnancy" and then give them a 5,000 word report.

    I personally prefer a short series of ebooks that each cover one small topic as opposed to a massive 200 page book. Not necessarily true of print books, though.

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    I think that you need at least 5.000 words, depending on the topic and what kind of ebook you have, maybe is just to promote some results and you don't need too many words.
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    David, gone are the days when people equated pages with value or money.
    (I can't say anything of backward people).

    But today, time is more valuable than anything. People are looking for strictly accurate solutions and information. Not a fluff of words here and there.

    I have read books on weight loss that start with the 'boring physiology of obesity' (that every fat ass already knows) and presenting the solution at the very end. Believe me, it does nothing good to one's reputation.

    Even if you have 2 pages of accurate information, just transform it into a report and you are ready to sell.

    Just make sure you are proud of it.


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    Why don't you check out your competition and see how long their ebooks are? This will at least give you a rough idea of what's already working in the niche, so you'll know what to aim for.
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    length is meaningless and anyone that tells you differently is someone that sells content by the pound. I just bought a great WSO from discrat here at the forum and it is loaded with great content from beginning to end it was 47 pages. In the past I have bought products that were well over 100 pages that were total crap. and on the lower end I have purchased info products that only had 7 pages and were great and actionable.

    So make your ebook as long as it takes to say what you want to say and don't fill it with shit to make it to some magical number of words/pages that some self appointed guru says it should be


    A bar of iron cost $5. Made into horseshoes, it's worth $12. Made into needles, it's worth $3500. Made into balance springs for watches, it's worth $300,000. Your value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself

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    Rule of thumb: If it is about non-fiction, people only care about the quality of the information, so you book could only have a few pages and people would still be satisfied. I published hundreds of these book on amazon Kindle (paid people to write them for me).

    For fiction, people expect to be entertained so usually they have to be longer, but there are exceptions.
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    It's a FREEBIE?

    OR a Kindle?

    If you dont know, just go to and watch what the most reputable sellers provide.
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    90,000 words!

    well. thats what google told me after i asked what's the average amount of words in a run of the mill book.

    that being said.

    that's a silly number, and it shouldn't be your goal..

    your goal is to educate or entertain (preferably both) your audience on a topic of interest.

    how long does that take, depends on U

    -Ike Paz
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    Mine (have 12 currently) range in size from 35-pages to nearly 300 pages...most start out under 100 pages with an intent to be as clear and concise with the topic as possible. Some grow over time as I provide my customers with annual they can grow based on adding additional useful information.
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    It depends on the niche you are writing in and the reader's expectation. In order to find these things out, you will have to do some digging and research.

    Gorgeous Lucky Bitch,
    Shana Jahsinta Walters.
    Write until my fingers fall off. LOL!!!
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