I Want To Start an Online Fashion Business - How Should I Go

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I am thinking of starting a fashion business, i am going to make it online and i am only going to be wholesaling. The business focuses on all aspects of fashion (including jewelry) I also know that this niche may be almost impossible to rank in but i am willing to take a risk. I also want to get it fully finished by December 5th so i only have a month to do it. I need ideas like how much to invest (not hoping to spend too much as i am starting) how i should go along and how i should plan the business as well as best keywords to rank in and some recommended UK fashion wholesalers (got some but willing to take some more) and lastly what my average price will be and what you think sells best.

Hopefully this goes and thank you to everyone willing to help
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    In my opinion the easiest way to start an ecom business is through shopify, and facebook ads. Facebook audience insights tool is very powerful when trying to target your audience.

    as for niches Im not an expert in fashion, but I would target a niche that people feel very passionate about. like dogs, cats, etc... You can then market shirts, jewelry, that revolve around your niche.

    From there it will all be about tracking, and testing. Make sure you set up your conversion pixel, and you can see which ads are performing best. Optimize the ones that are doing good, and kill off the ones that are performing bad.

    I would do 5$ a day in ad budget and see whats working.

    as for price point I would mess around with them a bit. I know people are a huge fan of free plus shipping business models.

    hope this gives you a little bit of ideas.
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    I would suggest you do a competitor analysis and a business plan of some sort to ensure you are working on a plan that has legs.

    I would also ask around about suppliers as if you are kicking off in December it will be super busy.

    Postage and handling is also something you will want to work out.

    Once you have done the background research then you could launch, i would be careful not to just into it without doing this.

    Shopify is a pretty good place to start - it is cheap and easy to set up for eCommerce.
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    I think there are books on this subject that may be extremely helpful. Your starting a fashion merchandise business instead of just a general jewelry store. This means you need to talk to stores that sale fashion and figure out where they find their supplies. You also need to budget for products and the actual creation of the project. A massive business plan is a must and you might want to consider a loan even.

    Selling as a wholeseller is harder than creating a general store. Maybe you should start there first and then expand once the time comes??

    It might take longer than a month to get these finished. There are online courses you can take that can teach you this subject and might be able to speed the process it along.

    I only know these things because I thought about going into fashion merchandising instead of beauty school.

    Hope this helps you!

    keep moving forward

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    Majoring in organisational psychology and organization. After graduating, I just had to tour, especially vintage. Scouring favourite charity shops for vintage items was my every day highlight. After we moved to Tanzania, where we were for five years. I did a graphic plan course and started doing some work in the industry. Through a Tanzanian friend I found the most amazing second-hand clothes supplies, and the rest is history… I’d found my passion, my calling. Put me in any marketplace or give me any bundle of garments – and I will find a beautiful gem.
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    First you need to do some market research. What area's are in demand and what is your competition doing? This stuff is critical to structuring or putting together a proper campaign.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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