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I recieved an email from "finance@cj.com" today with this in it...

Self-billing invoice for publisher payment made to you on the 20th August 2008.

This will relate to commissions generated in July.
Vatable Amounts GBP

Commission amounts


Commission amounts applicable for VAT (any withdrawal amounts in month added back for VAT calculation)


Total VAT@17.5%

VAT - GBP Equivalent £-


I'm not sure about this so i checked CJ and when i looked at my account details i see this...

Tax Classification ???en.global.text.pubpayoutsettings.taxclassificat ion.-1???

Below is "VAT Number" and a box.

How can i find the right tax code, i'm unsure what exactly is going on here.

I gather the £30 i made they want taxed but this has never happened before so i'm wondering how i go about obtaining the correct information to enter into CJ.

Can anyone help?
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    Anyone? .
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    Don't know squat about European taxes, but it sounds to me like you need to apply for a VAT number, or they will withhold VAT taxes up front on all EU purchases.

    What is a Vat Number? - Yahoo! Answers

    Hope this helps.
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    Yeah, Floyd is right. Usually, tax authorities DO allow shifting the tax burden to an individual if there is a proper tax ID. If NOT, then the payer has to pay some standard tax. What that means is that if you DON'T give them the number, you don't owe tax, but will get LESS! MAYBE you can apply the tax payment elsewhere. If you DO give them the number, you may get the full amount, but owe taxes. The GOOD news is you may owe LESS!

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