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Here is a broad scope of my plan. I am going to offering free and paid downloadable content. What is the first step in creating the online sales funnel to my paid downloads?
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    That is a very broad scope.

    You need an offer - an entry point to your funnel - something that solves one problem well. Then have your paid products in various funnels behind that.
    Then you just add traffic.
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    You need to be more specific if you want further insight with possible Solutions , Answers, and Recommendations.
    But initially I would say you need some sort of Landing Page so that you can attract new Subscribers/Customers with a Free Giveaway or a Product with negligible cost of a dollar or so

    Robert Andrew
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    Creating a landing or squeeze page around your free giveaway! By collecting a lead you are leveraging your marketing efforts. Did you know that less than 5% of your traffic will make a purchase on the first visit?

    By collecting a lead you can begin to build that know, like and trust factor with your subscriber...

    The Internet is SOOOO BIG that the chances of them coming back to you are slim to none and now you have to remarket all over again but with a list.....
    Targeted Viewers! All your traffic needs in one spot. Get seen today!
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    1) Figure Out What Your Goals Are
    2) Create Free Offer
    3) Create Paid Offer
    4) Get Domain
    5) Get Hosting
    6) Get Autoresponder
    7) Write Autoresponder sequences
    8) Create Squeeze Page for Free Offer
    9) Create a One Time Offer for your Paid Offer
    10) Monetize sales funnel (banners on download pages, etc)
    11) Test Everything
    12) Send Traffic (Solo Ads, Organic, PPC, PPV, etc)
    13) Follow up
    14) Track & Tweak for conversions
    15) Repeat

    Hope this helps!

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    Creating a simple lead magnet that is related to your paid offers. One that is enticing and is immediately useful in some way.

    Or maybe describes how to solve a problem they may or may not know they had... It can depend on a lot and who you're marketing to as well. Is your content familiar to your audience or do you have to teach them all about what it is?

    Whatever the lead magnet is you use to get people on your list, the paid stuff should be the next logical step of what they need next (and worth paying for) or how they can get more of whatever they already got - depending on what it is of course...
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