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In media buy threads I've seen 2 approaches

1) Convey that you are a professional and set the tone for a reasonable ad rate right from the start to anchor the price. "Hi I'm interested in remnant inventory. I'd like to do a 7 day test at $1.50 CPM..." etc

2) Act like a casual buyer. "Hi are you interested in being sponsored/having an ad on your website for a monthly fee?"

These approaches seem like night and day. Which one is a better approach to use in general? I am in a mental health niche and targeting websites and blogs in the same niche.
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    You'd be surprised how just contacting some of the lesser known websites and saying ,how much would you charge me for 7 days?

    How much of a good deal you could get. Some of them don't know how much to charge, some are just looking to fill space. I'm not saying that's going to happen every time. But, it does happen.
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    What you may want to do is just get started with a website to 'build the relationship'. After a little time when there is a history between you and the website and there is a good relationship, try to negotiate a better price.

    Who are you more likely to to give a discount too....someone who cold calls you asking for cheaper rates, or someone you've been doing business with for a couple of months already and that you know?

    Hope that helps!

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      Indeed it does, thanks. So would you just pop in and say hi (via email)? Or stick to commenting on their blog/via social media for a while.


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    Well, I know from experience, I just directly contacted a gossip site one day, pretty well known, and said how much for a 7 day rate.

    He asked to see my creative and gave me a deal for peanuts. But, whatever works for you.


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    Just directly email them. Be direct. Say you'd like to know how much it would be for a 7 day and of course be nice. But I've found the direct approach is the best.


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    i'm not sure, if you are confident in your experience, professional use. otherwise, use the other way
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