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I want to start doing freelance work for 3D animation and I'm wondering how to set up a portfolio to let potential clients view my work.

I've currently got two websites for other reasons.
One is a professional portfolio (a "myname.com" type of site, I am a mechanical engineer)
The other is a hobby site about teaching Android programming.

I just want to host about twenty short videos. I feel there's three ways I could go about this.
1. Create a new site (This seems like overkill plus I would have to do new branding/logo/hosting, etc.)
2. Amend them to one of my current sites (Would this take away from the value of these sites or the value of this new portfolio?)
3. Create a YouTube channel (Is this professional enough?)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Having your own professional .com sounds like the best idea.

    A YouTube channel wouldn't be serious. If you really want, you could still create one to have some kind of video reviews of your work or possibly you could do little tutorials on how to do various things related to 3D animation, etc.
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    Other than having your own website, in your field consider signing up for platforms such as Behance or Dribbble to showcase your work.
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    Take the time and build a dedicated site for your portfolio. People will take you alot more seriously. It also looks more professional. But you can get away with just creating a YouTube or Facebook page and referring your clients to the videos/page.

    It really depends how deep you want to go into this venture. If your in it for the long run create a site. If you just want somthing short term then go with the youtube channel or Facebook page.
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    Don't know what your budget is but checkout wix, where you can build a really nice portfolio pg free. My son did one there - (student loans) lol on a budget and did a great job.
    Templates are really nice too.
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    Looks like a separate site is the way to go. You guys are right about having to stand out in a competitive crowd. I suppose anything less than absolutely professional really isn't acceptable. Student loans are killing me as well so I'm trying to make a little extra income in addition to my day job. Thanks!
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    You can kept your name.com website and create a page for your tutorial, and if they do ranked in search engine then someone can contact you if they are interested in your work.
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    Originally Posted by Jeffsg605 View Post

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    A website or a youtube channel is ok.

    Both of them are good ideas.

    The main thing here is how you prove your clients about your ability. As a freelancer, showing your clients that what you can do for them and what benefits they will get when hiring you. These are best things to catch more clients.

    Just a thought

    - Anhvu
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    Setting the portfolio into your custom page is really amazing. Create a page into your own website and create a menu called portfolio.

    You can add all of your work there so don't try splitting it to a third party site because you might lose the viewers interest.
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    Hmm, I keep thinking about adding a page to my name.com site. I just worry it will take away from my main content. I am a mechanical engineer so I have some of my design/CAD work there along with a few other things. A lot of the engineering industry still has a very "old school" feel to it. You come in, work 9-10 hours, don't mess around, and get your work done. Talk about more time off or "freelance" work is looked down upon. I worry that potential future employers will see 3D design work and not take me seriously. I'm thinking a separate site is best now, just to be safe if nothing else.
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    i think you should make a Youtube video about you and up it on your website with content about you
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