What's the question(s) YOU would ask

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if you were interviewing a successful marketer ?
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    Originally Posted by KimW View Post

    if you were interviewing a successful marketer ?
    You can read the questions I have typed here:

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      You have some good questions there!
      When I saw the link and read the other posts (I have a habit of reading all posts in a thread to make sure I follow everything correctly) I was thinking I'm going to get all affilaite marketing questions, but your questions are very good.

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        Hi Kim,

        You are welcome.

        90% of the questions should centre around the topic. In general, the flow is about the same. And remember to help the interviewee publicise his url or latest product.

        Everyone loves some publicity!

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          For me it depends on a lot of factors.

          "Successful marketer" in what?

          Affiliate marketing? Then I dig deep into how to be a successful affiliate, how to duplicate what the expert has done. What tools? What sites? What procedures? How to pick a good product? How to get a review copy? And then break those down into bite-sized chunks so people can duplicate it.

          Viral marketing? What is it? How to do it? Examples, case studies...

          Article marketing? How to pick a niche? Pick a topic for the article? How to write it? How to get click-throughs? How to do keyword research? How to test and track? Again, break it down step by step.

          Product Creation? Video marketing? PPC? Membership sites? List building? Email marketing? Offline advertising? What is the person's strength, what do they have to share, what can they say that will help others duplicate their success?

          And you have to know your audience, not just the expert's expertise.

          For example, I've interviewed Perry Marshall several times about PPC, but the questions were basic for a beginner audience, and deep case studies for an advanced audience. Each audience would have found the other interview useless.

          So it's not just about what questions you would ask on a generic basis; it's about tailoring your questions to a specific guest and a specific audience, and then listening to what they say and following up with more.

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            That would depend heavily on what his main area of expertise was.

            For example, I'd ask Michel Fortin completely different questions than the
            ones I would ask of John Reese.

            I guess there would be some generic ones that might apply to everybody, but
            if I'm dealing one on one with somebody who has an expertise in a specific
            area, I'm going to concentrate on THAT area and save the generic questions
            for a "generic" marketer.

            Not that I know what a generic marketer is.
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              I'd ask them how they like their steak...

              I'm a super rare guy myself



              hey it'd get a different response, no?

              Bare Murkage.........

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