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so i made my first $ online, yay! i knew i shouldnt give up

anyways i have google analytics set up and my weebly stats telling me two totally different stories on the traffic.

google says i get like 3 clicks a day, weebly says 50 on that particular day

which one is correct?

i imagine google
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    I would trust google Weebly may be tracking requests rather than visits

    I had a company try and steel my clients because they were telling my clients they got more traffic The idiot was reading server stats
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    I would trust Google. I'm not sure if you have filtered out your own IP address from ALL of your devices in Google (which if you haven't done so, is a very good idea). If so, that could also cause the discrepancy. Weebly may not be counting unique visits, either.
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    You should trust on Google analytics . If you have a high volume of visits Google Analytics may not be as accurate as you think Well, the short answer is that you can trust data such as visits and pageviews,
    but you can’t rely on revenues, transactions, goal conversions, and conversion rates.
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    I use analytics on everything. Set up goals so you can track what is going on. Tells you who, where how long they stayed on your site anything and everything...
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    It's possible that both reports are correct but tracking different pieces of information.

    I'm not familiar with Weebly's report dashboard but you'd really have to dig into the detail of each in order to understand what they're telling you.

    In GA you can drill down to find out how the reported visitors arrived at your site. If you can do the same with Weebly you could compare the two and may be able to uncover the source of the discrepancy.

    There's no way to compare two different reports from different sources without first understanding how each is gathered and what each field really means.

    There might also be a reporting period difference. Maybe GA is showing you data for one range of time and Weebly another.
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    Maybe just maybe your analytics is tracking all of your marketing stuff and all of your content. So where do you have your snippet of tracking code placed?

    And maybe weebly is only tracking that one site.

    Do you have analytics tracking more than your weebly?
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    Maybe you should try getting another tracking link, so you could refer to your own data and then from there email both Google and Weebly on how they track the data. But I would pretty much rely on Google, too.
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    If I were you, I would keep tabs on both and reach out to Weebly. I guess this is part of the competition, but the fact still remains on who is more reliable. In addition, Google is already an established brand so they could probably be much more specific about the views they would count unlike Weebly.
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    Trust no one, make more tests and see where the clicks are going or where they're coming.
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    Congratulations on making your first $! Well basically, Google Analytics and Weebly Stats provide accurate data. However, since these platforms use different means to measure the traffic on your site, they can show different results.

    Since Weebly Stats measure traffic based on how many times your page was viewed, it would consistently display a higher traffic figure. Just imagine, if the same visitor refreshes your page, it will be added into the count of your views, also known as impressions.

    Google Analytics, on the other hand, uses cookies to measure traffic to ensure that visitors are not double-counted.

    Hope this helps & Good luck on your site!
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    google analytics all the way..

    -Ike Paz
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    Check unique visitor count, an analytics tool like Gostats will allow you to see that.
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