Updates with Sales Pitches?

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I recently purchased a product from the WSO. After purchasing it, I was automatically added to an 'update' list to keep me notified of future updates or version changes. I was very pleased this option was included since I like to stay up to date with the apps I purchase.

Today I received the confirmation email and subscribed. The email went over some specifics of support, install docs, etc. But in the P.S., it said 'Tomorrow you will start receiving xxxxx e-course. Check your inbox"

Hmmmm... I want product updates, not an e-course. So naturally, this puts me in an odd place. I immediately wanted to unsubscribe, but I also want to know about updates to the product I purchased.

I know the seller is trying to do backend sales to a list, but is this the right way to do it? I feel like my "updates" are being held hostage.

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