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Hello, I work in the Behavioral health field. In patient and out patient at a hospital as a unit clerk. There is a huge shortage of outpatient Psychiatrists. I would like to start an online business where people can go to my website and click on available Psychiatrists and or Counselors for services via Skype, telephone, email or smartphone. Looking for advice on what steps I need to do to get this going. I know it would benefit so many that are in need of help. Plus, looking for a way I can make money doing this. Any advise will be helpful!
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    Learn how to create a directory website.

    Then you can monetize the site using ads, or you can charge a small fee to psychiatrists for being listed on your website.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.
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  • Did you check out a similar website in your field ?

    What they are doing .To me it seems like you will be competing against big brands in your

    nice ,Although i could be wrong let me know if you found something

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    You can hire someone to do this task for you. Though you don't have knowladge about website developments. Create a wordpress based website and fill it with informations. A total budget you will need is about $150+ with domain and hosting for a year. You can hire someone from FIVERR - in that marketplace there are huge amount of peoples who provides services in very cheap rate. You can get a full complete package from there.
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    A couple issues I see from the beginning:

    1. Many mental health professionals haven't bought into the idea that a counseling session can be done through the phone or Skype yet. They want to see a person's fidgeting hands, for example, which may be impossible. Body language is an important part of the therapeutic process.

    2. Before offering psychiatrist's services, remember that a psychiatrist typically doesn't do a lot of talk therapy. They are a medical doctor with a specialty in psychiatry. They typically deal with issues that require meds, for example. How are they going to write a prescription for meds based on a phone call? Or are you thinking they are going to do counseling? Or do you mean "mental health professional" instead of psychiatrist?

    3. Most insurance will not pay for these types of services offered over the phone. How are you going to handle this part?

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    It sounds like an interesting idea. Of course, every warrior here will examine this concept from his own perspective. I think that you have major obstacles to deal with in order to successfully promote your new business. The first one is to deal with the potential legal implications. You need to make sure that you aren't going to be held liable for the service you provide. With the proper Terms and other legal docs you can protect yourself. The other problem is to promote your concept. Yet, this is something other marketers can help you with.
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    Hi, there are numerous similar startups going live these days. Especially, in the psychiatry field. Why?
    Because probably that's the only field in medicine that can be treated over skype sessions. I have seen FB ads of psychiatrists giving stress-therapies over skype. And people going crazy over it.

    You know, depression is one of the few diseases that make people incapable of going to the therapist themselves. Untill it reaches it's severe form, no one notices.

    If through proper FB ads, you hit those prospects and initiate something that is already going on in their head (i.e visiting a psychiatrist), I am sure you will get your outpatient filled.

    Just set up a basic website. Nothing fancy. Focus more on the FB ads.


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    Great idea, but I agree with Mark.

    Anything medically based is a challenge to offer non-face to face.

    If Psychiatrists were going to provide a session via a non-traditional medium would their services still be deductible on health insurance and medical benefits?

    I know if Australia, we have a system where you have provider numbers, medicare cards and quite a solid system of hoops to you need jump through when you present for a medical appointment with a doctor or a specialist and I wonder how possible virtual meetings would be.

    I think first you need to figure out whether you governing medical body allows this service and secondly if they do are they claimable on medical benefits so the patient is not out of pocket. It is different in every country of course.

    Secondly, I think there is the element of authority that needs to be addressed - will all of the therapists listed have a profile with their qualifications clearly listed and information about their specialities for transparency as well? I think this is important.

    If you want to make money on this I would suggest a few revenue streams:

    - Banner advertising for the niche area you are appealing to
    - Register for the specialists in the field - they pay an annual fee to be part of this registry
    - Finders fee for connecting a patient with a specialist (small percentage of the rate for the session)

    Hope this helps.
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    I see some really nice websites that are doing what I'm interested in doing. I kind of wanted to focus just on the State I live in. Where they are focusing all over. Maybe, I could list their psychiatrists and therapists that are in my state on my website. Then when someone clicks on the therapist they are choosing it would take them to their site to get the help they need. Then maybe I would get a percentage along with return visits. Do you think that would work if the sites go along with it?
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    Simple solution go to post your project there and you'll get tons of professional people who can help you with that.
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    Please make sure you hire an experienced developer with an understanding in site security, as it's critical if you're going to launch a new platform like the one you've described. Consult with a few different developers before making a decision. Good luck!
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    I think the OP is not providing nor connected to any medical services but only directory services in such a way that people makes it easier to find available established psychiatric services they need. I think that is a very good business worth giving it a go. If target people flocks your website, you can turn them into profit via advertisement, lead generation, and many more, there are lots of things you can do possibilities are unlimited. First thing - just go for it, start now and improve later.
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    Originally Posted by rosieposie1955 View Post

    ...I would like to start an online business where people can go to my website and click on available Psychiatrists and or Counselors for services via Skype, telephone, email or smartphone...

    Is this legal?

    Are these real psychiatrist/counselors?

    Can they legally consult out of state (state license) over the internet?
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      They can only consult in the state that they are licensed in.
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    I think you need to see if you have the money for this. From my point of view it is a lot of work.
    Also if is a decent idea and could pay off...... down the road
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    I think the OP should look at business models for sites such as "Doctor on Demand". See how they structure the help they provide, etc.

    I think perhaps this is a far more complex idea that you think.
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