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Ok, I am getting overwhelmed here. To many websites, to many methods....
Once I learn one thing I realize there is something else I don't know and need to learn about this business.

Obviously I need the KISS method to Keep It Simple Stupid.

How do you keep from getting overwhelmed with so much information? Do you focus in on one method? If so what is your favorite?

Or do you just do all kinds of different marketing methods?
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    BUILD A LIST first.

    Once you have selected a niche, learn the skills to set up a webpage with an optin form that has an autoresponder attached to it.

    Set up at least the first 5 or 6 emails with good content - you can always add more later.

    Put up the optin page and then start doing whatever it takes to drive traffic to it so that you can see if your free offer is good enough to convert at least 30% or more.

    If it doesn't convert at least 30% - change it and make it better.

    Once you have a page that converts at 30% or more to your list, just start getting more and more traffic - even if it means using PPC.

    Research the keywords that your niche BUYS on. Find out what competitors target and YOU target those keywords for ppc and for SEO.

    Build backlinks to your landing page. Set up a landing/optin page that is optimized for each keyword.

    Once you have a nice sized list that you have sent good content to and have built a relationship with, you can endorse a product and a ton of them will buy it.
    "Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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    Here you go:

    ROCK ON!!!
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    My advice my friend for what it's worth is this...

    Think about what you enjoy, adsense, making products, making niche sites, buying websites and doing them up, flipping websites, think about what you really like to do, then go learn all you can about it and master that one thing. Then later you can master more if you want.

    The problem is though most folks read everything they can get their hands on, if that's you then it's ok if you can speed read at 2000 wpm or you have the mindmap skills of Tony Buzan on steroids, if you can't then it looks like you're gonna be spending your time reading rather than doing.

    Admittedly reading and learning is admirable but it really wastes so much time.

    Getting back to my previous point on mastering one thing, maybe you need to practise 'selective focus', you should only be purchasing or reading material you can use NOW on your current project(s).

    If you are not going to use something for 3 months then why do you buy and read it now!?

    Why not have folders set up on your desktop for all your major projects, then if you like something enough to read or buy it then put it in the appropriate folder ready for when you move onto that project.

    Also this saves you reading it twice as inevitably if you read it before you use it you will forget everything by the time you need it.

    I have learned through trial and error, also by making irrational and impulsive purchases, to be very selective about what I buy and what I read in respect to IM.

    Look at it this way if you are marketing in the 'make money online' niche then new products come out all the time.

    For example...

    Say you want to get into affiliate marketing through CPA (Cost Per Action) in 6 months time. Then you could buy the course now and keep it until you need it.

    Sound like a good idea?


    More than likely a new course will be out with new techniques in it by then anyway! So maybe why not wait for the new course instead?

    Not only will you save loads of time by not reading stuff you are likely to forget, but you will save a ton of money by not rushing in to buy products you don't need.

    Food for thought...

    Herman Ebbinghaus an emminent German psychologist from the 19th Century highlighted the fact that we quickly forget what we learn unless it is reinforced regularly. He claims that after one hour we forget 50% of it, after 9 hours we've forgotten 60% and after one month we have forgotten 80% of what we learnt.

    Hope this helps.

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    MUUUUUUAH! or in Spanish BESOS!!!

    Here we go, once you hit that point of "I have too much information and have read too much information" time in your internet marketing career, you will start to morph into the "lets do something phase".

    I too have gigabytes of information and have spent over a year trying little things here and there.

    Now I have decided to stick to a certain method that involves CPA so this is how I am now doing the KISS thing:

    1. Decided which method to work on and added my own twist to it.
    2. I have put aside all the other things that do not complement the method I am working on.

    I divided everything in my HD like this:

    1. Folder Working on This is the folder that has all my files & other things that I am implementing now.

    2. Folder To Implement This folder holds other ideas that directly complement the methods but it is not the method itself

    3. Folder To learn This are things that might complement the method and further research is necessary

    4. Folder IM Miscellaneous This is all the IM stuff that I come across that warrants saving for later learning or implementation but that it has nothing to do with what I am working on now.

    Time Management:

    1. Wake up and check all email addresses.
    2. Work on implementing method - New sites, redirection, cpa offer search etc
    3. See if I need to implement anything from my 2 implement folder
    4. Check my forum PMs and see if anyone needs help of if there are new ideas that compliment my method.
    5. after all this is done, then I can go around the web wasting time if I want to.

    The idea is to not overload myself with 100s of ideas and methods that will take me from the path I am working on.
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    heehee...I have already done something greenovni....in this past year I have made tons of content rich websites. But before I really market it ...I tend to jump to the next one.

    Now I have adsense sites, full authority sites, review sites.....you name it I have it. So many different things. And I have folders for all these projects.

    BTW Garry I am one of those people who reads a zillion words at a time. I see whole pages of words not sentences. Really strange but true. But it is not helping!! I read one thing hear, something different there...arrrggggh..

    KISS is rockin' Zeus! TY for the tips on the list WineBuddy.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    (Fixes his tie) Am I too late for the kiss?
    Taking a break...
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    What have you been most successful with?

    1) Try to evaluate your different options, and figure out what the most cost-effective route is. Sometimes I leave "good money-on-the-table" projects to pursue other things, while other times I might refuse to let a dying website go because I've invested so much time into it. Try to make smart decisions!

    2) Investigate what has been successful for you, and why, and see how you can build upon it and also duplicate it

    It sounds like you have your hand in many jars. I'd suggest trying to get more focused. Now if I could just do that myself, lol!

    Beware new opportunities! Sometimes I will be chugging along with something and then I get distracted. It is hard to dedicate yourself, but it seems as though that's when true success comes

    Good luck!


    WarriorForum Rules!

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    Sorry, but let me give another take that may help a ton of others too...

    Everything I get, I email to myself. Web links, how tos etc..
    Then I organize them like this:

    I organize my email in box like this:

    - Keyword Research
    - Salescopy
    - Products (creation)
    - Affiliate Programs
    + Business Name1
    + Business Name2
    - Traffic Strategies
    + List building
    + Classified ads
    + SEO
    + PPC
    > Goog
    > Yahoo
    > MSN
    - Paid Traffic
    - Free Traffic
    - Articles
    - MISC

    Now... The steps to an online business should really be this..

    #1 - Research
    - extensive keyword research
    - market research (what's out there?)
    - metrics & demographics
    - buy the domain
    #2 - Product Dev
    (affiliate or ebook write)
    #3 - Copywriting
    #4 - Traffic!!!
    #5 - Build List, Upsell other products etc...

    So... Each job (IE: traffic, copywriting, SEO, PPC...)
    Is totally different... and requires a different "HAT" metaphorically speaking...

    So.. It's best to focus on only one at a time, sometimes one per day or even week... until you've honed it...

    That keeps you organized and on task for the main goals.


    We grow and monetize email lists and build custom email servers too. http://www.answerswanted.com/email-management-services/

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    I think I have zeroed in on where I am overwhelmed.

    Though I did some promo and marketing for each site I have made I didn't do a ton.

    So I have about 15? or so fully developed websites I have made with many pages. Content rich. Each is very organized. I have my lists of keywords etc.

    However, I am not sure where to start with the marketing. I pick one site and then work on two keywords till I have them high in Google and then pick two more from same site or do I flip around between sites?

    Since I have so many and so many keywords it is a lot.

    Can anyone recommend a good course of action?

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    The 1st thing is research research research. Take a look at things you're interested in. There's not much more than I can say that wasn't already mentioned in the advice here!

    Please read the sig file rules

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    LilBlackDress, ya gotta pick one keyword per site to start your focus.
    Write a checklist like the list of strategies I typed above... Print 15 of those and then check boxes next to each one... ensure every site has an Opt in box, sales copy and a product... THEN...

    Build links to each starting with the first keyword with either highest volume or easiest competition...

    Then... Start putting either money or attention into the one that shows the best results (Traffic/optins/sales)


    We grow and monetize email lists and build custom email servers too. http://www.answerswanted.com/email-management-services/

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    Yep its the building back links that has slowed me down.

    I have the content rich sites, the keywords, I am great at social media sites....
    but I need a step by step plan to build back links.

    I need more details on your list Dan.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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