Good Affiliate Management Program?

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I want to offer an Affiliate program with my new membership site and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good provider that isn't too expensive. I've been leaning towards paydotcom but I just read that maybe they're not so great. Is there a program you've worked with that you like?
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    Whatever you choose make sure it tracks by both IP and Cookie.

    Never select a service that tracks by cookie alone.

    I also recommend you do not base your decision on price alone...

    You should look for the most accurate system, with the best tracking features, the best tools for affiliates, and the best reporting features.


    Well you want affiliates to want to promote you don't you?

    Better tracking means more accurate stats and higher conversion rates due to the accuracy of the tracking of referrals.

    To choose a cheap lesser equipped or inaccurate or cookie only based affiliate tracking system is a slap in the face of your affiliates before you even ask them to promote you.
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    Thanks for the feedback Josh. The decision definitely won't be made by price alone. I want to make sure that my affiliates get the best that I can provide for them. But I've seen some systems that, while probably great, were just WAY out of my price range. To put it into car terms, I want better than a Hyundai but I can't afford a Rolls. Something in the Nissan Altima range would be good I think.
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    I was recently looking into InfusionSoft and really loved what it can do, however it was bloody expensive! Heard good things about Josh Anderson's system too.

    I mainly work with Amember, and never had a problem with it, managed thousands of members, while paying out thousands of dollars in commission, although the affiliate side of things can be labelled as basic.
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