Do you do this? (experienced marketers only)

by Pnigro
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I've been learning a lot about email marketing lately and I was thinking today:

"With the stuff I know, I can go enter a market, make a video, set up an email sequence, set up a PPC campaign, and then do the same with another market, and another, and another"

Is this realistic?

Are there any experienced marketers here who are constantly entering new niches and promoting different products?

Just wondering...
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      Thanks Rob
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    You have the right system for this to work - if you have knowledge about marketing then work with the concept of the marketing funnel. - Also PPC can be expensive if you do it wrong, so also work on SEO and have a really cool product / products to sell to your customers, when they enter their emails....

    If you have the right system, then it works - if not, then you should work on improving it... - my 2 cents
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    i do that often..
    But not as frequently as other..

    Normally i will choose a niche, and release a few products in it, before moving to something else..

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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