Advice to newbies: Need to boost your conversion rate? Heres how.

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When you start out conversion is a challenge and youre probably going to struggle with this while you are learning the ropes. Ive been doing this a few months now and Ive been learning every step of the way. Ive made mistakes and Ive had a few wins, its been a massive learning curve thats for sure.

Heres a quick check list that could help you along the way.

If youre experienced in IM youre already going to be across this and thats fine, but new comers might benefit from these tips.

Figure out your buyers journey and generate a steady flow of leads
Youve set up your desk, youre ready to work now for the leads. Having qualified leads via inbounding marketing campaigns is essential to get business through your virtual door and if you havent set up a marketing automation platform you might want to get onto this. Setting up a CRM is important and doesnt have to cost a bomb, once set up your lead gen activity will be all in one place and easy to manage.

Not all leads are equal - figure out what type of leads you have

They talk about the variety of leads as seeds, nets and spears. If you havent heard of this terminology before here is a quick run down.
  • - Seeds - long leads that are attracted through long term marketing activity on internet searches, SEO, PR, forum, social media etc. These might take time and effort to develop however they have a really good result as far as conversion rates.
  • - Nets - these leads are found when you cast out your digital net and can be found via advertising, PPC, email marketing and other events such as trade shows
  • - Spears - these are your caveman of leads and are made by outbound marketing including cold calling and cold emailing

Make sure your approach is on point
No one likes attitude and you need to figure out what style your target market react to and what are their pain points. Being salesy isnt always going to be effective. If you can find phrases that resonate with your audience through customer persona research you can ensure your approach is appealing.

Do some research on what youre not getting leads

Its not enough to just miss out on leads, try and find out why so you can improve your approach or pitch. You dont know if you dont ask, so if its possible find out why you werent successful. Any information will be valuable for tweaking your approach and style.

Be organised

If you say youre going to follow up on a certain day - do it or set up automation to ensure tasks are done in the lead journey. Sales are won and lost over very simple actions and making sure you have triggers to follow up on a lead is important.

What have I missed? Add your tips as well for newbies.
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