Which Industries/Business Should I Sell Funnels To (I'm ready to take on clients)

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G'day folks!

My first post. Very swell to be here.

A quick question.

If I were to start seeking clients to build funnels for, which industries should I focus on?

I live in a provincial area, with a population of around 200,000.

To date I have now built 2 very successful funnels. One for a politican. And one for myself though I made the mistake of making it in a small target market.

So right now I've got the copywriting, video-making, advertising and sales skills to really help out businesses. But who are likely industries??

I look forward to any ideas you have at all.

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    Look for companies that have a high customer value. Think industries like roofing, dentists and professional services.

    you cant hold no groove if you ain't got no pocket.

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    Can you do a google search for one of your skills and find companies that sell that as a service?
    That's where i would start. Then the next step would be to note their prices and additional services offered. Now you look for the clients those sites have served and see if you can find similar clients if not the same ones.
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      Thanks Zoulkifl I will try this. Sales Funnel isn't something that works so well in google. However I think this is a reasonable idea, to try to find firms who offer this service, as you say. I'll probably have to sift through facebook groups to find this answer!
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