500-1000 users per day, best way to monetize?

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I have a website that users use to go to other websites, so kind of a directory website. Daily I have 500 to 1000 users and I was wondering what is the best way to monetize my website. Adsense doesn't accept me because I do not have enough text (only links) and ad.fly was really annoying for the users.
Where do I go from here?

Any input appreciated.

Thank you for considering my request.
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    Use a widget/service to collect their emails with a headline that would help you decide what to promote next. For example, people that visit directory sites would like how to make extra money online (just an idea), so use a headline to make them share their email with you about internet marketing tips.

    Then, consider if you're able to share valuable info to them and possible sell related products and services. Getting the email if you have traffic is the easy part, keeping them interested is the real part.
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    Have you looked into BuySellAds.com?
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    It sounds like you have general non-targeted traffic coming to your site. If you want to monetize with decent conversions, IMO, you need to provide a mechanism that allows visitors to raise their hands and qualify themselves for specific kinds of interests. As an important second step in that process, I believe you should make a very non-threatening offer for something free in exchange for their best email address. This will help to segment your list into various interests so you'll better understand the kinds of continuing offers you might present to these "qualified" groups.


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    If you visitors who land on your website only to click on links to go to other websites, I think your first task would be to look for ways to retain them on your website. Why send them o other places when you can have content on your own website, if you're getting a good amount of traffic?

    Start creating good content that will ensure that people stay on your website. If Adsense takes time to accept your site with new content, recommend other products as an affiliate or think of creating your own product.
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    You can have a list which makes you free from third party services!
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    If there is a specific niche to those sites you link to, perhaps try affiliate promoting 1-3 products in that niche using a header and/or sidebar widgets.

    Selling advertising space for a monthly/weekly fee could also work.

    If you choose to build the list like others have mentioned, then you can choose to promote whatever you want. It would help if you have a specific niche, if it's a non-targeted general traffic it could be difficult to monetize outside of advertising on site.
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    Make some of the links to affiliate or CPA products. Test lots of different options and see what works best.

    You could try making the affiliate links exactly the same as the other links, like Pinterest do with their advertising (where the advert images are no different from the non-advert images there), and also try links which are labelled clearly as adverts, which some people might prefer because it's more honst. See which works best.

    Once you've done that for a while and found out what products sell best, consider creating your own product for that specific area, so you build a list.

    Another option would be to build a mailing-list where you tell people about any updates to your site or other relevant info. Then you can also send your list relevant affiliate or CPA products etc.

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    1) pop up window and collect emails
    emails for welcome and newsletter 2 times per week.

    You have to find a good product for you related niche and suggest solution to your clients-users.

    2) adsense or everything else services

    every day 5 new fresh article with unique content

    2 long articles for low bounce rate ( 2000 words and more)

    and you have 6 months to have 30- 40 dollars/per day only from adsense

    You have to work a lot and you have to have patience for good results!

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    If you are tracking your website with google analytics, you can find out on which links people click the most and than you can start publishing some targeted articles of your own. It would require little more work than what was mentioned above, but I think it would be the best option for your business in a long-term.
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    Here is what you should be doing next: Creating a lead magnet and grabbing people's email.

    Lead magnets are the bribe given in exchange for our prospect's contact information.

    These are some questions you need to answer before creating your lead magnet:

    1. With this lead magnet, am I trying to target people of my own niche? (for example helping copywriters become better copywriters) or am I targeting people who need my services (for example, people who are looking for copywriters).

    2. Does my lead magnet correlates with the product I will be promoting afterward?

    3. Is my lead magnet good enough for people to absorb the priced product I will be promoting afterward?

    If you get this step right, the next will be to promote related products through emails.


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    Contextual advertising? Doesn't have to be Adsense, there are plenty of similar advertising platforms. It works pretty much everywhere, so try it first and see how it goes.
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