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Hello all, I figured I would come here to ask about possible interest in articles relating to the plants niche. My wife is a horticulturist and a great writer, I wanted to see for future possibility of WSO or formal ad, what kind of interest there may be on this subject. She writes well, but has a bit of shyness when it comes to this internet thing. I will have to urge her to allow me to publish her bio or even part if it. But, I can say that anyone who takes a small greenhouse and helps her employer build it up to sell years later for several million bucks and serve the customers she has served, then I believe she is very qualified to publish articles of high quality.
The customers she has served in the past have been Martha Stewart living and Buckingham Palace to drop a couple of names. The next question should be about how many articles a person usually sells at a time on various plants? Would the buyer want how-to articles on one plant type or vary it across many? Another question may be about propagation and related topics.
I know I have only been a member for a couple of years and do not post much. I will have to wait for post count to grow according to the rules, and pay membership I see now. I have been reading this forum for many years and enjoy it very much, a lot of very informative people here. Thanks for any help you may give.

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